Shark bite photographs

I think Paul Jenson posted some forensic shark bit photos, does anyone still have that link? Please post it again. Thanks.

There used to be a rather grotesque series of photos on “” (a disgusting website.) The link was “Humans truly are chicken of the sea” but is no longer active. Here is a link to a story about a shark attack…

ck out - no carnage fotos, but the photo archives will make your palms sweat and you may even get that sickly stomach pit queasiness. he he. enjoy[smile]

To get the entire story on everything related to shark attacks, do a search on the “international shark attack file.” It will come right up, and it has statistics, photos, etc. It even tells you exactly how many attacks were in your area, state, country, etc, including which species do the attacking (percentages) and how many were fatal. 75% of all attacks in CA are Great White, with an average of about one death per decade. Not bad. Florida also has one or two deaths per decade, but the number of attacks in Florida is staggering, and it’s mostly surfers. Volusia County (Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna Beach) and Brevard County (Spanish House, Sebastian Inlet) are a nightmare, especially during baitfish runs. I surfed their eight times (before I knew about the sharks, thank God). Only a few swimmers and divers get hit. The site is amazing. Check it out.

new smyrna has the reputation of being the worst of the worst, south side of sebastian inlet breaks on big swells this spot is known as “monster hole” for a good reason,north jetty “ft.peirce” bad news too- people get nipped there all the time, i personaly witnesed a 11 foot hammerhead , he was bigger than my 9’6" chase a 80 lb.tarpon right out of the water then that same shark went straight up the lineup within 10 feet of one guy.a state survey by game and fish marine biologists from a helicopter counted over 300 hundred sharks in a single day. i always lay on my board at north jetty.


Here’s the link for the shark attack file. My wife and I were seriously thinking of selling our house in CA at a large profit and buying a house outright in Ormand Beach (about twenty minutes from New Smyrna, Volusia County). Then I read this file and it scared me. I am not so much worried about myself, but I have to daughters who would be splasing in that warm Atlantic water several times a week like they do here. Funny thing is, I live in North County San Diego, and have been surfing here for 24 years. I have only heard of one shark attack in my life around here (La Jolla, fatal, Great White, 1994, I think). Anyway, I love surfing here, and the only thing I worry about is stingrays which are EASILY avoidable if you just keep your feet on the sand and never lift them as you walk. But, speaking of which, my hand landed on a fish today in shallow water as I came in on a small wave. The fish got away and so did I, but I hate it when that happens. Gives me the willies. I like fish a lot, but only when they are on my plate. Speaking of which, Pacific swordfish is the best fish in the world.

Many of the shark attacks here in fla, in my uninformed opinion seem to come from the small and less leathal spinner sharks 2-3 foot, they will cut you on the ankle or leg,and youll survive, but there is a chance they will cut a tendon . A good bit of advice is to stay clear of the “coffie” watter churned up near the shore, esp if there is baitfish running -the sharks cant tell what they are going for, until its too late.

Kill em all! Someone open a shark fin soup kitchen in Volusia County. Happy, keep you ass in CA. Fl don’t need you or anyone else movin in and bitchin about heat and small waves.

Hey, I like the heat. I really do. And I like surfing in Florida. The waves are great. I just hate the sharks (and that includes your piece of crap governor and his older brother). Florida is fun and cheap. So are the women there. Come to think of it, so are the women here. Come to think of it, so are the women everywhere. So, I’ll stay in California. But I won’t be bitchin about hot weather and small waves. I’ll be bitching about cold water and…well, the waves here are great, almost everyday. And dem sharks seem to not like San Diego very much which be fine by me, cause I don’t like dem neither, except on my plate.

i personaly witnesed a 11 foot hammerhead , he was bigger than my 9’6" --------------------------------------------------------------------- go figure…

Let’s not compare governors (can you say RECALL VOTE?. Now if only those damned yankees were as easily pursuaded.

Thanks Paul. I needed a little pay back for a friend who sent me some bear mauling photos. It is backpacking season you know?

WHHOOOOEEEE! Man, that is some ugly looking stuff

Howzit E-pac man, That’s some scary stuff. I had a tiger shark chase me one day at the bay ( been a few attacks )one session while paddleing for a wave, good thing I caught it. Didn’t even know it til I got back to the line-up and a couple of friends told me the shark just popped up and was right behind me. By the way I’m working with Mark Agell and Ian Vernon these days, they are really good shapers and are a pleasure to work with. Papa Sau decided to try and tell me how much I should charge for my work so I sent him down the road. Aloha, Kokua

If it weren’t for those damned Yankees, you Southerners would still be using horses and carts. There’s nothing progressive about the Southeast, except the Yankees.

Hey Midpac Kokuaman , You guys should take every op to bring your prices out of the stone age. You need to keep up with James Bond across the street from you. I’m sure Brosman will lend you a Million here or there.

Howzit E-pac, Thanks for the positive input. Somebody told me that they thought some shapers treat glassers like dishwashers in a restaurant,well I’m no dishwasher. Ian and Angell have been trying to get their blanks into my shop on a regular basis for quite a while and they are so happy now. They are both better shapers than Sau and really appreciate my work. The days of glassers being in the shadows are over,there were people who bought sausens boards just because I was doing the glassing. Aloha, Kokua

Once a great white shark tried to attack me leg while I was driving throught an insane barrel at Fort Point underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. I did a cutty over his snout, causing him much pain. SInce I was in the barrel, the lip hit me head and I wiped out. I paddled back out looking for the whitey who cut me off. I was going to pound him, but he apologized profusely, and never came back. That was the second rudest shark I ever knew, after the one who represented my wife at the divorce hearing.