Shelf life on UV catalyst powder?

Just curious if anyone out there has a clue on how UV catalyst powder handles aging? I found a bag thats six years old unfortunately.
Would it still work or do I need to get a new batch straight away without even trying it in some resin???

So what does it look like? Still granulated like raw sugar or a lumpy mess? Was it in any way even slightly exsposed to UV light? Was it exsposed to air?? In an open or closed container?? UV Powder should always be stored in some kind of metal can or plastic container that UV light cannot penetrate. If it is pakacged for sale or shipping use manila or sold color envelopes.

Its been stored at room temperature in a writing desk drawer. Inside a black ziplock bag. I will give it a try. It still looks like it used to no lumps or anything.

My guess is it’s OK. Try a sample before you lam a whole Blank.

It’s not supposed to ever expire if stored properly.

I found a 2oz. Container of Dobsons in a flooded storage tub, it was soaking wet, opened it up to the air, when it dried out it worked fine

Mine lasted 6 months in the silver metal bottle before it went completely solid. Don’t know if it was moisture some how got in or maybe it got warm