Shipping a board to Puerto Rico

Anyone ever ship a board to Puerto Rico? I am trying to find a cheap way to get a board to a customer down there. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

Fed Ex or an airline.  There are no cheap ways.

Yeah, FedEx is pretty pricy; was hoping there was another option.

Jet blue is 50 bucks, thats probably the cheapest you’ll find to PR, unless you know someone with a boat…you could try the cruise ships, but they only port in San Juan and would be by pick up only.

Check with Delta Cargo, but they will need to pick it up at the airport. I think when I used them i pay 50 or 60 dollars.

I contacted JetBlue cargo, waiting to hear back from the rep. Also tried to set up an account with Delta cargo. they need to interview have someone inspect my “operation” before I can ship with them though.