shipping boards

I’m going to ship a board from San Diego to New York. I heard Fedex ground was good. Do you guys know if they do the packing or do I have to pack it all up and box it first? Any other suggestions? Thanks

Hey emil,

I just shipped three boards from Santa Cruz, Ca. to Madrid, Spain. They got there in perfect shape and were handled most professionally and arrived promptly. They handle domestic shipping too.

Here’s the contact info:

Bob Vockel


301 Swift Ave

S. San Francisco, Ca. 94080

TEL: 650-876-0751 FAX: 650-876-0543

you’ll need to pack the board(s) yourself. go to Mitch’s surf shop in either Solana or LaJolla and get a Clark Foam box - pick up some bubble wrap from your local hardware store. i recently shipped from Santa Cruz to the east coast for under $200.


I had two boards shipped using Con-way shipping from Seal Beach CA to Miami FL for $133.00. I’m pretty sure the guy I had make the board packed it though. Got from CA to FL in about 4 days.

Hey Halcyon! How much was the shipping for those three boards. Did they go by ship or plane?


Another Question. Were they long or shortboards


DHL is the cheapest of the big boys.

I’ve have use them twice and both times the board showed up in perfect condition.

Bart what was the cost if you do not mind me asking.i am looking to get a board made in Fl. and ship it to N.J.