Shipping Costs (For Europe)

Ok guys I’m looking forward to shaping my first board but therefore I need a blank. Now I’ve found several online shops that can provide me a Blank: Homeblown, Seabase… The problem though are shipping costs. These two shops are located in the UK Mainland and shipping to where I live (Netherlands) is very expensive. I just recieved an e-mail from Seabase where they told me it would cost me approx. 100 POUNDS (+/- €150,-) just to ship a blank. Homeblown has about the same shipping costs.

So a question for Europe Mainland shapers: How and where do you get your blanks without having to deal with those high shipping costs?

Thnx in advance, greg

Try PM’ing Haavard. He’s a ways above you in… Norway(?) but might have some ideas…

Good luck… the blanks will be shipped from hossegor. would be graet if you could tell me what they charge for shipping. i also thought about giving them a try

any suggestion on foam vendors next to italy?

I Know a guy, here in Genova who makes blanks himself, only for shortboards.

the blanks are a copy of a 6.9r clark, and coasts 60 euros

Have you try to call Riccardo Lapasin-Costaovest or La Ola surfboard in toscana? I tink they can give you a blank.

Altought consider to have next surf trip in Cantabria and buy a blank from Full & Cass


burfords or clark it’s easy to find here in italy also you can find homeblown fromUK and Surfoam from france… usually I use first two brands… Riccardo Lapasin I know he use polystirene too… contact me ang I can give to you all addresses…

Try in germany, they used to have clarkfoam blanks. Or and see if they are willing to send you a blank. Since you’re in holland a (surf)trip to the UK would be fun and you can bring all kinds of stuff back.

Or go with EPS. You can make the blank yourself, you propably have the materials available, the blank will be way cheap and you may end up with a stronger product altogether. Take the rocker from the clarkfoam catalog. Cons: You need to do a little more shaping and epoxy is expensive, but that’s about it.



I buy mines here in portugal, right next door in Lisbon!

I can get Burford Blanks (Australia) and X-tra (South Africa)!

No problems with shipping, because they’re not shipped!

My advice is, talk to the people in surfshops and local shapers there, they might be able to tell you where to get your blanks right there! doesn´t have blanks anymore. i called them some monthes ago but no chance to get anything

Hoi Greg,

Ik ben in den thuis. En Rotterdam. Bufo en NL is gerslotte, but email me ( I should be able to help with Seabase, failing that, I’ll get one back from France after qa trip.



Ok now that I know where to get the blank, I’ve decided to make some kind of funboard. I’ve learned to surf on Bic 7’9’s and Bic 7’3’s. I think the best think for me now, to get better at surfing, is to make one of those boards. I’m thinking about just copying the Bic7’3" outline. I’m going to be surfing in Holland and in the north of France. Would it be a good idea to make such kind of board?

Then I have to pick a blank. I was looking at the Clark 7’11R and the 7’4R… Would that be a good choice?

Thnx in advance for your answers,


I have a spin template i made of the bic 7’3’’ outline! it’s in dwg format (autocad). If you want i can send it to you, dwg or pdf!

how big’s the pdf? I’ve only got my hotmail account right now… Maybe you can upload it somewhere? I’d thank you al lot if you do that…

Its a small file 200kb.

I’ll sent it to you using a private message