Looking for a cheap way to ship a longboard from VB to SD. What do you guys usually use? Fedex ground, USSHIP?


VB = Virginia Beach

SD = San Diego

Aloha Pumehana,



Sorry SurfDad ...Have no idea about your shipping problem. I have my own from Hawaii to Calif.   :-))

Surfdad - there was a thread on this not long ago, try amtrack or greyhound.  I’m in San Diego so if you need someone to pick it up at this end let me know.

aloha PPK - similarly - I know 4 guys (myself included) that are going to be on Kauai this summer.  Maybe one of us can bring the board back to California for you…it’s 80 bucks as luggage on Hawaiian airlines, probably can’t get much cheaper than that for a one-off shipping arrangement.  I sometimes bring a board one way and then leave it there to save money and hassle on the return trip…

I just wanted to add that Hawaiian allows 2 boards to a bag, so 40 bucks a board if you take advantage of it. :slight_smile: -C

Mucho mahalo's Keith....  I'm trying to get back to the West Coast for a few days. Friends are being inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame. ... quick trip / 3-4 days ... I can borrow a board up there. I'm in Hanalei, not much surf during our summer...but the flat waters and cool trades, sure make up for the loss of surf during this time of year.

I'm around the Hanalei River mouth. Drop by and have a chat & a beer if ya like.


Sounds good - plenty of boards at my place if you ever need a loaner.  I’ll try to look you up when I’m there (not till the end of the summer)…not that I’m a beer drinker or anything, ha!


Guy's, thanks for all the input. I went FedEx and was charged $111.00 which I don't think is that bad.