Shiver me timbers.........

Ive had the priveledge of finishing the restoration of Pete Petersons personal board. Just knowing some of the Patriarchs of our beloved sport/lifestyle rode this board gives me the shivers…

Howzit aquafiend, Is Pete still alive. I ask because he used to live in Huntington Park where I lived and I was good friends with his nephew who was named Pete Peterson also. Pete fixed a broken nose for me after the board flew off the car on the Long Beach freeway back in 1961. Aloha,Kokua

Is Pete still alive.

Hey Kokua,

Im not sure if he’s still around. I think not, but Ill let you know. Craig Lockwood hired me to finish the board and you probably recall the article he recently authored on Peterson in Surfers Journal. Ill ask Craig and let you know. I think Craig told me Pete gave the board to Tommy Zahn and Zahn gave it to Craig. (I wonder who all has been on that board?)

specks please?

looks like a pipeline outlline

I wanna make one

got the spruce



a craft paper outline in the mail

mebe fatten the rails with balsa

hola fiendy.

es muy bien compadre.

call dat chicken skin


aint no dragon myth

atsa history glyph

pete peterson never used wax

chew on that as a matta o’fak

Pete passed away in 1983.


specks please?

Ill see what I can do…interestingly, it has quite a bit of belly in the “hull”. Craigs said this was very unusual for that time period. PM me your address if youre serious about wanting the Dimensions, but I suspect youre teasing Roy:-)

Howzit hoggatg, Thanks for the up date on Pete, he was a great guy. Kind of funny but for some reason quite a few of the old legends spent time in H.P., might have been because the Pacific homes company where they made those boards was there.Aloha,Kokua