No activity in the last hour!

well let me say that I for one

am in favor of activity!

the styrofoam has been breached

today THefinisHING

of the shape foRUN

shall be finalized.

queer stuff this styro

kinda one way grain

melts at slow cutter speeds

grabbs at sand paper fairing block

astonishing aint a word

nor is amazing

or other slang supurlatives

the familiarity

of the medium

as foam

is familiar enough

the proxess is like rereading genisis

cut the blank …

hot wire tech 101

un fa mil li are we

the disected rocker also a queer and erie feeling

did wrong too curvy …


but then the glue teck103

good to take 101 and 102 glue classes

wood was my break in


so the cut out

and planing went well

different than poly u foam

but a quick shape medium

tendency to tear not apparent

blades must be sharp

got some replacements

so the ones in the hitachi aint the sharpest

so down to the river

hey cameroon come down

we’ll bee there this morning

at wailua in the pkg lot by the bridge

I’m taking extra boards and paddles…

I heard hanalei is flat

so how is that for acttive

awaken you gang of

bowsons and rig this bark for sail we have a far sea to cross

and your effort and attention is our only hope!


and you who choose to fish off the fantai…

bless your food gathering souls.

" the styrofoam has been breached

today THe finisHING

of the shape foRUN

shall be finalized. "

…photos please …

photo photo photo

photo I have spent the family fortune on le cameras

Y development tambien but alas

a lack of whatever ir takes to

get em to the next format

eludes reallization…

poor chip if you was just here …

you could apprehend this

7 dimensional reality

and not be plagued with the thirst

for the 2-d photo validation.

Ill take the camera wid me and …???


me an topper three laps to trey parkers house

feel the muscle burn in the lower extremities

will they fail me while doing the shape walk.

finished shape .

the stuff is fuzzy

the screen makes it smoothe

but kinda with a nap to it

yea like fuzzy.monday sealer

looks coo.


forgot the camera


Are you going to seal it with one of your colorful resin smoooges a la the travel board? I’d love to see what can be done with resin art directly on the foam. Somebody with more skill and an “eye for color” than me. Mike