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This could go on forever, good luck with the move and remember the only thing wrong with retailing is having to deal with the public.



There’s a little shop in the back of a restaurant in Asbury Park, NJ… The restaurant is Langosta Lounge, and the surf shop is called Lightly Salted. Cool.

Bluto Boardworks


…and just when you thought it was safe to go back to the surf-shop…

The Surf Shop

It’s definative…Easy to remember…Solid…

Everyone seems to niche market / trendy label and out-cool their names…

Simple is better…

You say you want it to be a CORE surf shop…


“Core Surf”


'bout says it all…would look good on a t-shirt too

it’s probably been done, but how about “Stoked Surf Shop”

Re; 'Glass Love' and similar - you want to think about where 75% of your surf shop income is gonna be coming from, namely selling t-shirts with the shop's name on 'em. Is young Osgood gonna be able to get his mother to buy him a shirt that sez 'Glass Love' on it?

Could be problematic, no?

Yorky Surf or maybe something of that sort is good, hell, come up with a terrier in baggies as your logo/ mascot. Because, frankly, going for all this 'core' jazz doesn't fly in the long run, instead you want to sell to everybody who comes down the road. You'll never make it on boards alone. Been there, done that, the t-shirts sucked too.

Uhmmm- I cannot suggest too strongly that you look in the archives for the series Solo and I did on the care and feeding of surf shops. It's a difficult business to be in ( he wrote, having gotten out of it after 30+ years) and anything you can do to bring in a buck is a good thing.

Good luck


why not try naming it after your favorite break?  or birds name?  or the street you grew up on or the street the stores on, ...  

thats what they do around here.   keeps it simple.


It's been done before, but I always liked "Just Add Water" and "Water Powered."

Or you could be a smart ass like me and call it Surf This... :D

Blue Water Surf

just give my board to some local poor kid

Crystal Cove


Glass Palace


Fractal Factory


Opal Grove


Sitio Surf (sitio means “thirsty” in latin)


Yorky Town


The Salt Mine


Salt Gardens




Not to toot my own horn, but i’m really diggin “Salt Gardens”

If you plan on selling SUPs, you could call it The Janitors’ Closet.

How about the bearded clam, you could have alot of fun with that one.  Sereously how about the shapers shack.

There used to be a seafood place in Santa Cruz named The Bearded Clam.


and i want a job if i ever move back



“fush and chups”


























As I read through this, I kept seeing this, 

“If it wasn’t for the ocean, I wouldn’t be here”

And, I keep thinking, that would make a good name for a surf shop.

Paul - I think we both know there is a fine little shop up your way already name “The surf shop.”

So I still vote for this (Even if it is a little long)

“If it wasn’t for the ocean, I wouldn’t be here”

Or, what about “Silly Surf Shop” - You got your alliteration, and you could go with three “S’s” on stuff - SSS - and the other, “Silly,” Paul could find you with relative ease…

"Sunshine Surf"


"Sacred Ocean"


"Wanted Waves"

"Wild Waves"

just brain storming here......