Shop Names

hello, I have been contenplating the future of my business since moving my family 3 hrs up north,

either industrial estate shaping factory, 2 x shaping bays and show room.


shop front (retail with shaping bay in house) core surf shop no cloths etc.


We have been discussing every which way and the shop we have found is looking good… To be honest a bit scary-the whole retail thing.

We were bouncing Shop Names around over dinner just now and I thought I’d as you guys.

Any names?


Yorky Surf

its all about branding!

If I use your name i’m more then happy to send you a new board…we might have to discuss the freight if its $$$$$ ha ha.


I’m serious about the name :slight_smile:

MrJ there are pros and cons for using my name.

As I want to sell some unique shapers brands also. however I have not ruled it out, thats for sure. Thanks Mate.

…I’ll be honest ,I’m not very business/marketing minded.

I like grass roots names, but thats just me.

I want to target all surfers.


Yes I have an established  brand already, Yorky.

You think run with it?

Its been my nick name for ever, Surfboards are ok, but a Shop kind of feels funny.

I’m not someone that likes to be in everyones face all of the time.


I have absolutely no business ability whatsover, but it was a genuine submission. Lots of shops use owners names.

here is another one

Shapers Choice

of the two names I just submitted I prefer Yorky Surf, but as I said I have no business ability. I’m sure the other sways members will have ideas.



Surfers Choice

I was thinking of 


what you reckon sink or swim? (shit or ok?)

from me, Froth is a no

yeah sounds like a dog with rabies or a laundromat, ha ha

Personally I would avoid using the name of the boards you sell as the name of the shop,
Because if either the board or the shop “dissgruntles” someone - they will automatically become associated.
Word on the street can travel fast which could work in your favour - or not…

Oh and dont forget to google the names +  trademarks ,
I know  one above me has been used in australia and possibly other countries.

Don't pick a name which is too 'young'. I hate hearing older guys saying 'killer' and 'sick', especially when they are not even talking about waves.


How about 'No Bullshit', although you probably couldn't get away with it in Qld, and your mother wouldn't like it either.




You know the movie Glass Love awesome name, not so popular with the groms maybe?..and taken. but could you see it working as a shop name? if it wasn’t taken


Wildy I agree “fully sick man” from pops doesn’t cut it hey ha ha

something along the lines of a “no Bullshit” feeling name…keep it solid and true

howdy yorky,

it’s kinda tough to recommend a shop name with very little input on what you’ll feature in your shop and the market it’s gonna serve, so how about


…targets all surfers hehe!


glide, freedom, carve, ride, slide, drive, curve, contour, arc's just a case of picking a word that sums up what it's all about....of course all can be suffixed with 'surfshop' or'surf'

Good look...sounds like an amazing opportunity.