Short lived boards

Hi, my latest board only lasted three weeks!

A 6’ 8"single concave 20.5 wide 2 5/8 thick 4oz warp glass 1+2/3+1/3 top,4oz warp+3" 6oz strip bottom

In San Francisco you have to be manly man to ride rainbow tin job board.

This board was doomed from the start.I should have waited until summer to build it.

After waxing to trophy status the swell was only under head & 1/2 for two days.

I am 6’ 1" 185lbs so this is my smallest board I can paddle at OB, unless I’m angry or I

want to be.My first surf I had the wrong fin set up.Second surf smaller back fin and loving it.

On the third session I let my friend Shulle take it for a spin.Five minutes later he gives it back

with my leash embedded four inches in the middle rail of the board.

This board was very fast when pumped with vector fins.I got one pair of 360 futures with FCS plugs

before they stopped selling them.I broke the board by falling from the lip on it.Luckily I landed on my butt

and no one got hurt.

Please post some carnage pictures and tell some lies!

Take care,


good stuff , I think everyone loves a good carnage story , don’t they ??

…Well… this piece of crap ( the ''benzer bottom"] I made last year …no drugs were involved , by the way…

From memory , I think it survived maybe four surfs. Then it creased duck diving ? catching a wave ? [I deliberately forget]

1 layer 4oz top and bottom . It was a stringerless freebie packing blank [polyurethane].

I “tried to save money” on this one … it didn’t pay , did it , really ?! [in fact , it cost me !]

…that’s the tail at the TOP of the second photo , in case you’re thinking I shaped a nugget [well , it was a piece of crap, anyway *!]


  • “nugget” is another name us aussies sometimes use for a turd . Just thought you needed to know that , while you are munching on that picnic bar or chokito…

This is a easy one for me to remember… Can’t find any pictures but I shaped a 9-2 fun gun the beginning of this season before I got into the canoe paddle thing. Anyway, first day on it was at Holtons and the waves were double overhead. Very first wave on the outside corner I didn’t even make it to the bottom and I ate it. Leash snapped and the brand new board went all the way into the rocks and just got mashed. Deck, bottom, nose, tail and both rails. After getting drilled swimming in I had to actually climb up the rocks to get it while the waves were nailing me… I eventually got back to the channel and had to peel off the parts that were scratching me. I paddled back out with no leash and surfed around 10 waves. Board worked good but it sure bummed me out! Haha! I fixed it enough and rode it once more at Haleiwa. I ended up giving it away to a friend last week for his son to learn on…

I had a board I seriously creased on the first wave of its first surf. I remember laughing to myself, bummed.

It was that boards destiny to be ridden repaired only, but it did get some good waves.

Hey chipfish, thanks I feel much better.That reminds me of a board that lasted three sessions.

8’ 6" semi-gun 20"w 3" 6oz warp+4oz top 6oz warp bottom circa 1995

a lot of V maybe 3/8.Great board felt some magic (tubed)on first wave.

At the end of a three hour session I thought ok one more.Swimming through 10ft

shore break is not a good idea,oops.

Maybe this picture will make you feel better.

10’ 4"-what is left of it and 7’ 3" training wheels, as you can see the learning curve is steep at Mavs.

I had to buy a new wet suit after that one.

Take care,


The opposite to yours: My HWS is 2 years old now. no dings, no delams, only a few scratches.


“10’ 4”-what is left of it and 7’ 3" training wheels, as you can see the learning curve is steep at Mavs.

I had to buy a new wet suit after that one."

well , that will teach you for riding boards with more than three fins …naughty lava ,. naughty !!

yeah yeah jstephen …we ALL have boards that last more than two surfs , too …yours seem very nice … but , THAT is not the point of this thread , I don’t think ?

cheers !