shortboard dimensions

I’m stressing over dimensions for my next board. I’m an intermediate surfer (4+ years) living in Washington state and surfing mostly in WA and OR. I started on an 8’4 Xanadu, then for the last year have been on a CI/ Merrick M-13 7’4 21" 3". I want to move down to a shortboard but being 32 180+ lbs and 6’3, surfing only on the weekends I was thinking of a big guy tri shape.

My struggle is with dimensions. I was originally thinking of ordering a 6’10 20" 2 3/4" but am now considering the same board but a 21" width. This is another CI, the MBB. I fear maybe I’m not making a big enough jump down and that it may be too similar to the M-13 I’m currently riding. Would a 6’8 20" 2 3/4 be a better option? Any other comments or suggestions? A different style board perhaps?

The more I lurk on this site the more I want to start shaping myself and play around with this stuff. For now though I’m going the purchase route. I have a week trip to Baja coming up and another to Hawaii 3 weeks after that. I’d like to get used to the new board a bit before those trips.

Anyway thanks in advanced for the responses. I’ve really enjoyed reading and learning on this site.

Keeg - I’m ‘bout 40 lbs heavier and a few years older than you - and surf a 6 9 X 20 " X 2 1/2 board as my everyday. The tail is 14.25" @ 12" up from tail - catches waves fine and goes well in anything from 2 1/2’ up to 6’. You’re substantially lighter than me but taking a sensible approach - ie considering properly how much time you spend in water. I reckon that the 6 10 you suggested will be a good amount to come down from the 7 4 - more than that will be a big shock.

My advice - build your own and refine your shape from there - read archives - look @ people’s boards with similar size to yours and have a go at them. Shaping’s not really that difficult from a technical pov - what’s difficult is getting enough knowledge re how tweaking your shape, foil and rocker will affect how your board goes. Glassing is more difficult but is a skill that really progresses quickly esp if you use uvc.

Best of luck mate

Hey Keeg

First, let me advise you against the MBB, I’ve ridden a few and I think they’re aweful … and I love Merrick boards. Order one of his regular models in the size you need.

My brother lives and surfs in washinton, and from what I understand a lot of the time you guys have some mean paddles, usually windy conditions, but occasionally a great, clean day. And water a notch colder than norcal … so if you wear a 5mil instead of a 4 add 1/8" thickness.

I’m 27, 6’4", 210lbs, and I ride 6’5" x 19 3/8" x 2 5/8" for my everyday board. My theory is you set the length of your board based on your height and the size of the wave, width and thickness on your weight and conditions.

So how + of 180 are you? as a transition you could start with 19 3/4" wide, but you can probably go down to 19 1/4" or even 19 as your ability progresses. With basic rockers and foils (MX, M4, MBM, TPH) you should ideally be on a 6’6". A flyer 2 would be a 6’5", a flyer would be a 6’4". My choice for you would be a flyer 2 about 6’5" x 19 1/2" x 2 1/2", since that board will go well in the whole range of conditions you’re going to see. You’ll have to step up your paddling ability a bit, but riding a good shortboard where your feet are naturally in the sweet spots is a thing of beauty.

If you’re scared off by the 6’5" length, try a flyer 2 as a 6’8" x 19 3/4" x 2 1/2", but understand that that board is technically too long for you and you won’t be in the sweet spot. You could also get another M-13 in this size range to ease the transition some more.

Theres about a zillion options … good luck!

Thanks to both of you, good info, I really appreciate it.

I rode a friends 7’0 20" 2 1/2" NW Surf Designs today and really enjoyed it, no problems. So with your help and todays ride I’m gonna make the bigger jump down to the 6’8.

Thanks for the input.