shortboard for a big kid

Hey, My friend wants to shape a shortboard, but hes not sure about the size of the board. He is 5’10" and 240 lbs. A big guy. We were lookin at some boards that look good and found the Al Merrick Pod as an example. They say to go 8inches shorter than normal so we were thinkin about these dims: 6’2"x21.75"x2 5/8". Do you guys think he should go bigger or smaller? The waves that he will be riding it in are waste-head high and usually weak. Does anyone know if this will float him or of any other big guy shorty type board that will. Thanks

Go bigger - 240 lbs is a lot of weight to get planing

Depending on his skill I’d say a fish style 6 4 x 22 with a wide tail (say 15.5" minimun) and 2 7/8 thick under chest…

5’ 10" 250lb “Butter” riding a 7’6" “Butter fish” 23" wide 3 3/4" thick.