shortboard length changes

first off, sorry if this subject has been beaten to death somewhere. I did some searches but didn’t find an exact answer.

here’s the question. I have a 6’2" Dick Brewer P7 model (18 3/8" x 2 3/16") For shoulder high plus waves its great, but feels too long in anything smaller. (I’m 5"10", 146 lbs) Without going to a fuller template shortboard w/ semi boxy rails (the Brewer RBF), how much shorter a board is needed to notice a change? 1" doesn’t seem like it would do much, but I don’t want a 5’6" or something absurd like that either. My thought is a 6’0.5" x 18.45" x 2.25", slightly wider nose and slightly less entry rocker. Maybe I’m splitting hairs? Thanks.

2" length changes up or down are usually the standard towards hunting and pecking your way towards nirvana.

2 " is about right . . . with the nose you can keep it the same; wider noses is that much more to swing around.

I’m roughly the same weight, more 150 ish at 5’6 . . . my go to weapons for standard good wave thrusters are boards are 5’11 . My shortwaves are 5’9 - 5’10 wider and thicker with flattened rocker.

Also you could experiment . . . my close to magic board is a 5’10 19" wide vehicle.


cool. thanks.