shortboard length?

Hello I’m a little over 6’2" and 177 lbs. I have been riding a 6’2 and a 6’3 shortboard. I was told today by an older surfer that i should be riding a longer shortboard according to my height and weight to be able to improve more. He recommended at least a 6’6". Is this right?

Once again, it depends on a lot of factors.

Personally, if you are riding that 6’2" board just fine and not hampered by the less length - I think you are alright.

I wouldnt go up in size on a shortboard if you are doing fine and holding your own on the one you got now.

He may have been suggesting a change of board, like maybe a mini gun or something. I’m not sure.



Forgot to mention he also recommended going wider. 19 1/4. I’m currently at 18 1/2, but i really like how it turns where its at. The only thing i have trouble with is sometimes is finishing snaps. Could that be why?

Well, for me - it’s easier to finish snaps on a smaller board. I suppose if you were HUGE it might be easier to do it on a slightly bigger board - but I would guess that its just a matter of practice with you. And not based on the board.

In your situation, I don’t see shelling the money out for a new board as being worthwhile. Ya know? All up to you of course, this is just my advice. And things change from person to person.

Why not get a blank and shape you a 6’6"? :wink:

Yea… definately easier to snap on the shorter boards. 6’2-6’3 isn’t out of the range for your weight, providing you have the arm strength/skill to get in. Though you are pretty tall.

I don’t think adding an inch or two in length will affect hings all that much, not as much as increasing width… at 18.5" I think you could add an inch or two on without making the board seem ‘gunny’. You could also sneak some extra volume in the tail and rails…

but if you’re getting in early and aren’t having a problem with stalling, then you’ve made it past the hard part (of having a small board)… once your up and planing you want as small a board as possible. The only thing I could think of is being too tall for a board and creating some sort of abnormal weighting problems or havin too wide a stance…

Hi, yah all. What’s a “snap?” Mike

Hello everyone, I’m a 64 year old male, surfed for 45years, 184lb, 6’1" tall, still riding overhead surf & short/ish boards (6’3"-6’5") Surf every swell.
I’ve been riding EPS but find them a real handful in overhead surf.
trying to decide on a PU board and have been considering the Pyzalien 2 XL at 6’4". (6’4"X 21"x2 7/8"x41L) It gets great reviews and ticks a lot of boxes for me.
Just concerned about volume.

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I assume the guy has seen you surf? He must have observed something to make that comment. Riding a short board the same length as the rider’s height is pretty standard. To me the 18-1/2" seems kind of narrow, unless you’re riding steep waves. If, sntead, you are riding typical Southern California surf ,19-1/2 or 19-3/4 would give you more planing surface and speed on the flats (all other things being equal, ie rocker). If you go wider make sure you keep the rails on the slender side. That’s my 2 cents.