shortboard w/forward wide point?

Have you built one? Retro, mod, fun, fast, loose? What set-up is recommended for this type of board and why? Just want to see if the feedback I get corresponds with a possible retro/mod build… Tia

I’m thinking about making a board with a mix of 70’s and later ideas. Just would like to have some sorta map to help as never built one with wide point up forward. They sound fun though!

Not a fan of super short boards under 5’9"- cos I hate swimming in cold water… Give me a floater;)

Yes, a 6’8" x 20.5 with about a 16" tail and 3" thick. It was kind of a super pig thing with the wide point about 10" forward, pretty low rocker all around, slight vee in the tail, and set up as a thruster. My intent was for something drivey in small waves. But as you know, pushing the widepoint forward draws outs the arc of the turn which doesn’t leave you a whole lot of options to turn in really small waves. In hindsight I would have left the wide point at center so I could turn a bit in the small stuff. I also did staged rocker with a good flat portion in the middle- I don’t remember what my grand intention was with that.

Anyway, it ended up working ok in bigger waves after I put larger side fins in (after EA450s). With the EA450s I could not get any drive out of it. Later I routed out the thruster center fin and set it up as a single fin with a 10" box and a Rainbow 9" 9.0 rake and it came alive. As a thruster it was step up with standard toe (1/4") and 6 degree cant but just never worked well which I would attribute to overall design flaws.

I would take the placement of rocker apex into consideration too- which I did not. Maybe someone better versed in that department can chime in on rocker apex in with respect to small and medium waves.

Thanks for the info! But did you really put the wide point 10" forward, or did you mean a inch?
Dunno, but I thought I heard someone do his a inch forward, another guy go 3 " forward. But I really don’t know what the gen norm is for this wide-point forward model is?
But I just discovered on a site that the wide-point and the apex / middle rocker should align.

Guys/gals- I’m shooting a wild geuss! How does a inch or 2 forward center sound!? And low down hard rails- with a roll in front third and features? I think it sounds cool. I’m just hoping my inch or 2 up forward wide-point will give me more forward style surfing and drive?

how long is the board and what type of waves will you surf it in? how wide is the nose? tail? widest point? Number of fins?

Widepoint forward will suit a more front foot heavy surfing style, have more drive, and allow you to stand a little further up on the board.

the more roll in the front third will make it work well in chop, but it will not paddle as well. If it is a shorterboard, then  i don't think roll is really necessary, but thats just me.....maybe go flat??? 

I made a 5'10 wp 1" forward single fin pumpkin seed. works great, and I love it. It just depends what you're going for. good luck and I hope this helps your decision :)

Astevens- the board will be a 6’5" or 6’9 x 19 1/4" nose 11 1/4" tail prob 14.5" or a bit less? Tri fin, but with old school retro look and features- like low hard rails with the 55 degree angle or so angle. All glass ons, but I may do a box for the single fin so that ii ca play with dif fins?
It will be for 2-8 foot waves. As that’s about what I’ve surfed size wize.

Places I have surfed and will surf: moss landing, beach breaks from there north all the way to santa cruz, the lane, the hook, stockton ave, 26th ave, pp, and manresa beach.

Your single fin sounds rad! I will try the 1" - 2" up for now? Do you think I should start 1", or maybe 2"? For a Thruster?

It will also have a single concave and a tad of vee, possibly a spiral vee! Ya know the concaved v set up between the panels… Might hold in better? Thanks a LOT - astevens! I needed to have a idea of where I want to go with this. Now I’m going to order a blank.

Oops, I forgot to mension rocker… I think I will keep it somewhat le (low entry), but give it a notch or so more w/out planing to deep. I use my planer kinda like a sureform! LOL one setting @ 1/16" or is it 1mm, so far so good?!


6'4" forward wide point, round tail quad

seems like the latest trend in shortboards - other than short and wide - is the wide point forward. no doubt based on slater’s experimentation the last few years.

Hi shapaholic,

From your post, it kinda sounds like your doing 2+1 setup in which case a FU box would be great choice as it would allow you to experiment with different fins, and placements in different waves.

Sounds like a fun project. Good luck


seems like the latest trend in shortboards - other than short and wide - is the wide point forward. no doubt based on slater's experimentation the last few years.


Looking through my Feb issue of Surfer Mag (the buyer's guide issue), I noticed a lot of wide point forward boards, and several which look to be wide point middle (which still seems forward of what we're used to seeing).  Some, like the AJW Potato Launcher looked absolutely retro in plan shape, although not really retro in size, rocker, or fin configuration.

There was a write up on Kelly's "Semi Pro" model.



6'4" forward wide point, round tail quad


Beautiful board!

Thanks for all of the feedback guys! And ty for the luck wishes- back at you as well!

Not sure what slater does? But isn’t he into real shorties?

Nothing against it, I used to think shorter equals better as did many surfers did. But after thinking about it, it’s not what I’m into. Besides we get cold as f’k water in santa cruz county! Burrr! To think about swimming on a toothpic- forget it! I want a bit more foam and float, and a little more length. I suppose for guys into doin air stunt might prefer shorter. I’m just not into that type of thing(cool as it is). I want a bit more in the six 1- 6’10" range for now. Ty for pics and ay suggestions. I have not had a chance to read all that you folk’s left. But I have to run out the door. Later man!.


Yeah I did. I may have been actually around 8" but still something better suited to a Sunset board. Like I said, that one was somewhere between an experiment and a lack of a plan. 3" forward sounds great for juicy Moss. For just headhigh typical surf I probably wouldn’t push the wide point forward again. I have a great Goin 7’4" that I had him model off of an early 80’s Aussie board with the wide point forward which I am now curious to measure and see where he actully put it. I think that is a little bigger than what you are aimming for but it might illuminate some parameters for you. That board works great in overhead plus.

Also Sunny Garcia tends to have his wide point a bit forward on a lot of his boards… maybe you can get some futher ideas from some of his measurements as well.

Pridmore- nice rp man! That outline looks a lot like a fun board I tried! Good buiild. I’m going to airbrush mine darker mid toned cerelean blue green and ? We"l see.

District4 ty again! I will check out those boards!

But I pretty much have my own numbers for my wide-point forward model. But I can still get some ideas on design. I think I will go a little fuller in the nose , but not too much? 14.5" or so more or less in tail? Prob build a squash tail?

I saw another idea a keel fish although I never tried one although i owned a rp with 2 wings that had similar low twins near taill about 7" 8"? It worked very well on bowly waves with wide point 20 3/4" wide… Tail was 14.5" nose around 13-14"? Med hard vee and flat bottom… Board has normal rails - nothing speciall. But I found twin fins can hold in well and be stiffer with fins set back. And not all twin fins ride super loose.

Damn, blanks went up! The one ii want is $69 + shipping. Maybe they have 2nds for deals I’m waiting on a email…anyone know where I can find lower prices on decent blank? Tia

thanks guys for comments, this one was a custom for a guy who has been slowly eveolving towards a more performance based shae, he had a fatter, flatter bat tail quad ( 6'5" x 20 5/8" x 2 5/8" ) when he started surfing again, 12 months later we did him a 6'4" x 20 1/4" x 2 5/8" round tail quad, now this one , again 12 months on, is the same dims but with slightly less area in nose and tail, slightly more rocker, slightly deeper concaves but we upped the thickness so overall volume has slightly been increased so he can catch more waves...I really enjoy the ongoing refinement with customers and when you can see the improvement in their surfing, its super satisfying, dont give a f... bout the egos and ( nearly no ) money, the stoke you can pass on as a shaper is the biggest reward... if I won lotto, I'd still do it and give em away.....oh yeah, within all these boards mentioned above, we moved the wide point further back each time slightly, from 2" in front down to one now.....

So when you push the wide point forward, do you move the rocker around as well?

I like the look of that one Mark, keen to do something similar with a sharper pin tail.

Scot- yes if you move the wide-point back, middle or forward you have to move your rockers with it. I covered it if you scroll back.

To the -gentleman in AUstralia- ty for the info man! 1" forward it is then!
Fyi- the board I plan to build is NOT going to be used for super big waves. More for all-around, and that is 2’-8’ surf. I’m gonna go with old low hard rails as I tried a board I liked with hard low rails, and a concave bottom and vee.but Its going to take awile as I got behind on rent and need to send a payment to some bills-it sucks. Hopfully I win the lottery so I can build and sell some cool boards for deals to guys/gals who want to surf! In the meantime I will make my stands and get my other tools. Still shoppong for a deal on a blank. I may have to do a build short than planned as the blanks are high, and I need to cut costs to keep head above water in a screwy economy… Anyhow I’m gonna get some throw away card board, get a flexoble rular and a nail and make my own template-to hell with computers! Lol