Should I pull the trigger or pass?

I just saw an ad for a board by a shaper that I like The board is a Coda Nugget by Steve Forestall.  7’6" a bit short for me but might be the motivation I need to drop some weight.  

 Now here is the Kicker. The guy added a patch of 10oz Boat glass using epoxy resin as a deck patch. His reasoning was that he thought the board was made to light. He did not want and foot well or pressure dents in the deck where you stand.  

 i will go check it out this evening not sure about the whole thing. It is priced right. 

Really this is more me thinking it over.  But if you wish to comment feel free. 

I suppose you could sand something like that off… but I wouldn’t bother unless it was a really good deal to start with. 

You could just go look and see…cop a feel and if she’s feeling right you may be a happy man…but you could also take your phone and your tape and get a few pics and measure her up and make your own. I’d be more for the last option…cheers rich

A 7’6" nugget glassed in epoxy?. I’d imagine its got lots of foam, and with the epoxy, the addition probably would not have made it too heavy. If the price is right I’d buy it. If you can check it out, do it and see. 


The world is filled with good surfboards, unless its free. Move on. You are too old to be messing with sasquach.

…was messin with the 'squatch last week. good times.

You might be right about being to old to mess with a Sasquach. Besides they need custom made wetsuits and stink when wet.  On The other hand if you can take the foul smell They can clear the line up pretty fast. 

it seems odd as Steve normally does foot patches on the decks of most of his boards.  I’ve ridden the 7’6", and it is a fun ride.  Definitely check it out.

I Know Steve makes a really good Board.  I Have been thinking about getting a Coda for sometime now.  This One I will have to pass on as something just came up that  is going to eat the money I put aside for a new used Board.