Show me your Wood Shaping Racks/Stands

I’m looking to build a board stand, or shaping rack( style ), out of wood. However, I want it to be practicle enough to be able to rinse off my boards outside, and pleasing enough to the eye so as to be able to use it indoors to display my board(s) too.


So if you would be so kind as to show me pictures of your stands/shaping racks made out of wood, I would greatly appreciate it. 



I make these: - theyre great for storage and display.



…I watched the clip, very cool Thirdshade; however, kind of expensive for me to buy and bring em to this side of the ocean…

check out the fancy stand’s John Cherry makes as well



I made a wood fold out guitar stand decades ago

I’m sure you can use the same technique ti make a larger one for a board

basically a center bar that pivots back

and two arms that pivot forward and out with dowels that are connected in my case with batting stuffef velvet for my guitar

but you can use strapping or neoprene for a board


For my office wood board displays I get a 24" round cut plywood from Homedepot and get a 5’ metal tent pole with base mount from city mill the kind for portable tents we have here in hawaii. A PVC T joint  and 1’ of PVC pipe and 1.5" diameter dowel

seal and paint the base I use that sand texture spray paint for display purposes looks like sand afterwards but you can just use some cheap acrylic or maybe that urethane rubber coating they use to coat tools (plastik-dip) so you don’t have to put a cheap mouse(colorful) pad on the bottom to protect the board’s bottom. I use some cheap screw eyelets and a cheap baby bungee to hold the board vetrically for display in the office. screw the base into the center then stick the metal pole in. You can unsrew the pole from the base when you have to move it like I do when I take them to the office. Pretty quick setup.

I usually line the bottom with felt but you can just put some cheap rubber feet to raise it above the ground.

The weight of the board leaning against the tbar keeps it upright but I’d put a bunch of hollow bricks on the base if there’s any kind of wind.

there’s also cheap PVC racks you can make to wash your board off and lay horizontal

TV Tray table versions as well

Thanks Rich/thirdshade, and those are some very nice stands, but not versatile enough for what I’m looking for.

Oneula, I’ve searched all over the internet for what I want, but am unable to find the pics anymore that were posted in the past. The PVC is a consideration, but still not what I really want. And pics are appreciated too.

Here’s a pic of one of what I’ve already found, just needs some tweaking to my liking. Unless I can find someone who makes them to sell would be better.

BTW, I’m up in Northern California, Sonoma County.

could be better looking, but they’re functional

there was a wooden fold out version of a shaping rack by seahorse but i can’t find it anymore

alsp check out paul jensen’s shaping stand

there’s a fold out metal ironing board version someone is selling as well

Here’s mine, put together from wood I had in my garage. Simple, not pretty but gets the job done. I have glassing stands that I change out by replacing the shaping stands by unscrewing the end pieces from the base,

not wood

but still a good design maybe make your own out of wood



Five 2x4’s and this assembly drawing to make simple, stable racks.



don’t take this wrong but you have some nice racks

wish shipping metal to Hawaii wasn’t so expensive.

the flip is ingenious

yours and third shades are the best I’ve seen

price ain’t bad either

buts its always the shipping that kills it


been thinking of just converti9ng a $129 Woodcraft Rikon mini lathe stand into a set of metal racks

nice and heavy and very stable

mount some adjustable workshop casters like for band saws and you’d be set

I also have one of those Rockwell tripod horselalmps I use for chain sawing logs but the mounts would be tricky


The simplest of all;  A (one) "Mule' sawhorse from Home Depot. screw a 2x6" to the top of the horse that extends one foot on each end beyond the horse.  Put two 2x4" uprights at each end.  Pad as necessry and you have an inexspensive portable shaping and ding repair rack.  

Rich - those are just flat out very cool!

Thanks huck, they’re even better in the flesh. Where ever I have shown them public ally people go mad for them and can’t stop playing with them. I’ve tried a couple of times to set people up in the USA to manufacture under license but neither had any Cnc router knowledge so they couldn’t handle it. It’s a real shame as the postage from the uk is a killer, having said that ive sent quite a few out there.


Mate, have a gander at this pic —>

You’ll see my very crude home made stands … using the same idea, but with more ‘refined’ timber you could easily make up a good looking set. Finish the timber with some good quaity exterior timber treatment and you’d have no worries using them outside / hosing down boards etc.

I have mine standing up in some old plastic drums filled with beach sand. Some guys us cement … you could use a better looking container, and cement them in … then put a ‘decorative’ top using say loose rocks.