Show us what you route


routing can sometimes be great

now that i have a variable router with dust extraction i started to use it to try and make some fcs related models

first pic is trying how much or little resin works in xps [that i dont want to laminate anymore]


















second is a bit later, when i found you have to add hollow glass balls to add volume - copy router bits need a bit of working area vertically…you want to move the router up and down, to get all the ridges

















this here 3rd pic shows the cleaned up work - as you can guess, i used a lot of double sided tape to hold it in place



















4th pictures

an overview of stuff i used

i will make 1 wooden routing template that is thicker, instead of 2 on top, just figuring it all out




















actually, what i am trying to make next…

is an insert that you can put into the Fusion install template

the insert has the 2 fcs plugs perfectly routed out

that way, you can add your fin markings, draw the fin line

get the router out

route the holes perfectly , no jiggety edges

only nice if you reinforce it all of course, for compsands, or pre-installed reinforcements

but backyarders have time to play with

so what do you all route?

Wouter the router


so the green airex is going to reinforce my plug install

i can add the x-2 plugs later with the router, after glassing

pretty strong and clean me thinks.

you can see that i taped the thin white onto the top of the airex

there was too little room to manoeuvre the routing bit around to get rid of the edges

that is why i suggest adding volume with the glass bubbles…

Next up is a template to route the fusion style reinforcements without having to use so much tape

just on the underside, but you dont want to route through tape either.

cnc machines with a big ass vacuum table underneath is something i only now understand

ok, later you alll, i will post the Fusion routing template insert, to route out the fcs plug holes for the install.



Fake stringers (already posted a long time ago, sorry guys…


Uploaded with


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balsa - I've had a related project in mind for a long time, without realizing anyone had already done this.  Thanks for posting (I missed it before).  I was kinda uncertain, but now that I've seen your pics, I'm even more determined to follow through!

Hello Huck. No difficulty at all, especially for a wood worker like you. Just like pretty much all works made with a router, the part that takes a long time is drawing and cutting the templates. Then, it’s just a matter of following the template…



After  i routed out the deck and hull for the 1/4" cedar inlay, I decided the weak point would be where cedar meets old fiberglass.


Had some carbon fiber laying around,  laying it in the routed grooves and pulling it tight bridged the heel dents, and should hold the 2 halves together nicely, in addition to the 8 oz cloth over the cedar, and another layer of 4oz over the carbon fiber strips.


Yes, I might very well be insane.


Good work!

Are you in the UK by any chance?



Hi Wouter,


I’m trying to understand what you are doing here.


Are you casting a male “copy router mould”, inside a hole you routed using a female mould?






No, I am in California

Goedendag Hans!

what i did was i took the Fusion router template out

put a copy bit in my router

routed out the exact form of the [female=with hole?] template

then poured the white epoxy slurry in

picture one in your reply is me cleaning up that cast

picture 2 is actually a different cast, glued on top of a piece of Airex

the blue is just waste material that i route into, to obtain the exact green form of the routing template

next i will make a copy of the fusion boxes, that one is smaller

then i can just make 100 hd inserts that i glass over

followed by an X-2 install [for which i also routed a template for the install.

this template i would really love to make to have it fit the fusion template, to be used with the FCS bit

that way, i dont have to change the FCS bit any more, for whatever install i do, Fusion or X-2

but… i dont know yet how to make it

the Fusion guiding collar [on top of bit] is apparantly 19,0mm wide

the bit itself is only 9,6mm wide

i still have to measure out a way to make a template with “x” mm wide holes that the original Fusion bit can go into, to route perfect holes for X-2 install

so… what are you routing these days?

do you have any fins coming out of a CNC machine yet? do you have and 3d files?

you could hit the Benelux market with them!

Hi Wouter,


I’m not routing anything at the moment. And a CNC machine is not for the near future.

I like the idea of casting inside XPS. There is some fin building potential in it!

I’m not planning to make a business out of fin building for now, maybe later. I have yet to make my first set. I first build the tools (finFoil) and then I build the fins. The different fin layers of my first set are already cut out, I’ll post pictures soon.

I have a very busy carreer right now and therefore all my build projects are so terribly slow.

Tomorrow I’ve taken a day off to go surfing in Domburg, there is a nice swell coming!

Good topic Wouter !..I love me routers…IMO , the secret to good routing is in the jig-making , particularly if you make good jigs that you will use a lot and save some time…I cant post pics until my camera is fixed , but will post some soon…those smaller trimmer routers are a magic little hand tool !!!..Hitachi and Makita are my favourites.

Let’s bump this thread with some routing pics from