Show us ya Lam shop Graffitti

Hahhaahhaahahaha… All I could do not to spit my mouth full of water on my monitor.

I wrote a good sized “4:30 fuck off” on the wall in my shed. My oldest son was hanging out one night and asked what that was about. I told him, I’m suppose to get of work at 4, so if I’m in here at 4:30, I’m on my own time and can do what ever I want (back in the day, in what ever state of mind I wanted…).

I don’t have a photo of it but I still remember reading this one on a wall in the late 70’s:

“Never look back when you’re in the tube, or you might get a thick lip between the eyes.”

Nice Jim Phillips work there. I wish I could remember all the ones from my Magnolia Street days with Jim.

Kurt Wilson had (has) a caustic sense of humor that led to some funny wall decorations. I do remember

when Luke’s buddy Dusty Welsch put up a ‘‘Hawaiian Work Schedule’’ that was really hilarious (there was

about 20 minutes of work in 8 hours of eating, drinking, and smoking), but that was a sticker so it doesn’t

qualify as ‘‘graffitti’’.

My favorite JKP saying, and it goes with the ones in your photo, is ‘‘hurry up and f#&k it up’’. Whenever anyone

tries to tell me to shape faster I use that one on them.

Good Thread Speedy, shame there aren’t more photos though.

Not graffitti, but my favourite work related saying ,that has stopped me getting into a few scrapes is;

“Assumption is the mother of all f$%k ups!”

Hey Shifty,

No I did’nt clock that particular one, but its not out of character for Browny. Jeez those guys all mellowed out lately…But Browny still boasts of the factory toilet having not been cleaned in the 10 years of tenancy at the current Gash factory…Animal!


Remembered another one from the Rainbow factory, sign on Stu Sharpe’s door, put there by Stu:

"I work so fast I’m always finished’’