Show us ya Lam shop Graffitti

I’ve always found the factory wall quotes a source of amusement and philosophical insight…

I share these because too many only live in my memory, factories torn down or some corpo PC nazis putting the screws on.

Johnny Patton

The 17yo. Work experience kid

The Lam shop boss…when you want your board…

Yours Truly

The Lam Shop Boss again…

Timmy Henshall, Funk Muso

Me again…

Mark Phipps, when he owes you sanding money!

This bit of nostalgia I’ve never seen before in Aus…found it in the rafters…


Great idea for a thread, Josh. I’ve seen some funny stuff on factory walls over the years, but the absolute

master of this art (in my experience) has to be the inimitable Dave ''Davo"" Dedrick. Back in the mid 80’s

he adorned the walls of Doug Wright’s Rainbow/Local Motion factory with a few classics…

#1 - Ed Townes was the glosser, and there was a hole that someone had punched in the drywall right next

to the door to the gloss room. Davo took a piece of a rail bone and fashioned it into a bone of another sort,

which he placed so that it poked out of the hole in the wall. Above it he wrote, ''Ed thought the order said

textured DICK’’

Dude, what are you doing at work that early? (8.20am) Criminal!

“I may be slow, but damn am I expensive”

Our shop is covered in graffitti, inside and out. I know its not the kind of wisdom you were thinking about Josh, but kind of cool all the same.

The building we work in had been vacant for 60 years when we moved in. Ten years ago, it seems there was a group of particularly productive artists. A lot of the work is dated “99”. Funny, when we built out the shop, we saved all the graffitti we could. Then when our nice new front door got tagged, I was thoroughly annoyed… Some art critic I am. - Lars

In our Santa Cruz glass shop in the late ‘70s, doctored rice-paper labels adorned the walls, resined-in for posterity (RIP said glass shop). Among the cleverest were the simplest: Mark Angell’s "tube tested’ became “tub tested” and Mike Croteau’s “fastest surfboards” became “fattest surfboards”.

I’ve always loved warehouse graffiti. It’s usually good and filthy. Technically, we’re a wax maker not a lam shop, but we’ve got some beauties over here. Old school.

“Tickle your butt with a feather”

Hey Mike…

Yeah, a lighthearted nostalgic thread…indulge us old geezers with fading memory…

Its as I say, hey, little snippets from the workplace walls that etch into your life after the 50 millionth time you pull on a dustsuit.

Some of them become what to live by.

My favourite is “Paranoia will destroy-ya” …

So easy to get the phone camera out these days, just for the heck of it…and not a bad thing.


CAHIvet - Yeah, Mike Croteau…big man, big boards. Hope he’s not offended!


Davo #2 - Stu Sharpe was the Local Motion shaper, and Davo loved to pester Stu. (one of his favorite tricks was to

walk up to the closed door when Stu was fine-sanding and whack the door with the flat of his hand to make the loudest

possible sound, making Stu jump and hopefully mess up his work)

Davo got a full-page magazine picture of a brain surgery in process, you could see the doctors huddled over the patient

and part of the skull opened up. He cut out some small pics of bikini models and other hot girls and pasted them on the

other picture so they looked like they were floating around the patient’s head. He put this assemblage on the door of Stu’s

room with the caption below.

“Try as they might, doctors just couldn’t get girls off Stu’s mind…”

I can’t believe no one else has contributions for this. Almost very factory I’ve ever been in has some form of humor

(and history in some) on the walls. I liked the ‘‘early days at Zog Industries’’ entry.

More Davo: There was a new guy brought in to do fins and hotcoats. He had experience polishing but this was his first full-time resin job.

He had a set-up table where he’d cut cloth and rope for the fin glass-ons. Davo glued string tethers onto a pair of dice, then attached the

strings to a sign above the table, where the dice could be rolled. The sign read ‘’-----‘s hardener cubes’’ and in parentheses underneath it

said ‘‘tells him how many cc’s of catalyst to put in the hotcoats’’.

Hey Mike, yeah…

I’m still hoping to see some good ones too…

That shop with the proper grafitti is somethin’ else hey!


Hey Brownrecluse…

I say Lam shop because the shaping rooms are mostly painted dark blue, and the sanding rooms are too dusty, so graffitti does’nt show so much…

The wax factory is perfectly appropriate !

Anywhere where a bunch of deadbeat surfers gather and get to work by 11am…


hopefully JP from moonlight will post some pics up…theres some good ones there + most of them are pretty old.

my 4yo son has commandeered the door to my shed

There was a pretty hardcore older aussie guy on Reunion for a while, he might still be there actually, Maggot was his nickname, who wrote on our glassing room wall:

‘Old age and treachery will always beat youth and enthusiasm’

Hey Wildy…

A Joke for all us treacherous old Bastards…

The farmer decided to get a new rooster as his old rooster was getting a bit past it. . . . . When he returned with the new rooster and put it in the pen, the new rooster said to the old one ‘your time is up you old fart, all these hens are mine now.’ The old rooster asked, ‘what you are not going to give me just one?’ The young rooster was full of himself, and the old rooster said ‘look, i may be old but i bet i can race you once around the house and if i win, you have to give me at least one hen.’ The young rooster agreed but gave the old rooster a head start…so, here is this old rooster running around the house with the young rooster chasing after him…the farmer saw this, pulled the gun out and shot the young rooster, and thought to himself, 'that is the third young gay rooster this week! Moral of the story, well, you make up your own mind…


years ago bono from u2 came to torquay. the word around town was that he purchased a board and surfed torquay point.

that i knew was fact.

not sure if you remember this josh, but he signed the wall at gash surfboards,

to all the boys at gash, cheers for the board!


wasnt till a few years later i found out it was total crap!

browny did it!

did you ever see it?

i fell for it big time…


Here’s something: