Show Us Your Home-Made Tools

I think there was a thread like this at some point in the past. I’ve been searching for it for the last few days but with no luck. So anyone that wants to post pics and share (or show off) their creative geniusness let’s get it going again. Fred tools, hotwire bows, hotwire railband cutters, calipers, etc. Basically anything all you mad scientists have cooked up at home…












Besides, I’m looking for ideas.


Anything you ask for…

Ah-ha Balsa thanks man, I forgot the “Unofficial” part and Home-Made was one word. Our search engine is so specific, sheesh! :slight_smile:

Here is a beauty hot wire I made for rough cutting. Let me know if anyone wants the plans lol.

Thats things farkin gnarly bro…I like it.

I agree, that may be the farkin’ gnarliest hotwire bow I have ever seen!

Well other than this one —> 


Here’s a few simple tools I use a lot. There’s an assortment of 2x4 and 2x6 lumber with belt sander media stapled on. I have a variety of grits, but the really coarse grits works best. There’s a grater I found that has a convex surface, I like that for taking down the EPS really fast. I bent a couple of flat ones into rail shapes. I also have a simple rail marking tool I made from left over foam. I have a bunch of holes spaced out in 1" increments. I have a couple of these with different increments. I use wood rasps a lot and I use the surforms a lot too.