Show us your Wax Wrappers

Some interesting one’s from all over the world would be great, hmmm I wonder if there’s any from Japan…

Mrs Palmers



Hicksy, I just tossed out all my wrappers the other day, my favourite is the FIVE DAUGHTERS yeaha!

i love might mounds wax, not only do you get some awesome stick, but theres a nice set of boobs on the wrapper. what could be better

Hey Hicksy

Here’s a couple from the Gold Coast

Hahahahaha… those boob ones are nuts. I love Mrs. Palmers, feels great on your stomach and is very sticky. With other waxes I sometimes get rashes after long sessions during the summer, but not with Palmers.

ok, i love all the sexual conotations that surrond the sex wax industry. but how did it all start.

I think Sex Wax was the first to do this they may have the reason why they chose their name on in the about us section

I hear the wax market is kind of slow in Japan, since a lot of surfboards are purchased, but not waxed and surfed. Rather, they are prominently displayed on the beach.

One thing i could never figure out is, which wax causes tittie rash more when you trunk it? the extra soft or the firm? I’ve had inconsistent results.

Man, Aussie wax is always so killer! Our wax is… …wax; we’ve got Sex Wax, but no pics of the act.

You guys still got Honey wax? That chick was so hot!

We’ve got names; Sex Wax, Quick Humps, Sticky Bumps, Famous, blah, blah, bla…

We don’t have the pics.

We talk the talk but don’t walk at all. Dang!

Oz loves their surfers, they have fun and are legit athletes, mainstream here makes fun of them…

An Australian thing, I will give $50 for a cake of survival surf wax or $20 for the sticker . It gave the best rash ever , you new you had been surfin.

hicksy here’s the only one made in Japan, called “gattsuki”