Show your favorite "RETRO" surfboard pic !

Hey, wanted to start a post to see all the different flavors, new and original *retro shapes. Love to love them!


Hey man good line for a thread…

Fun like it still can be. I confess I’ve posted this before, but heck…

I get the board in the pic out when I’m feeling cruisy…

It’s a 7’4" and a nod to 70’s Winkipop maestro Donny Allcroft.

6’4" Single Fin

Worked great in S.Ca and Baja spots. Tails a bit wide for Northshore stuff. I would like a little longer with narrower tail (comming soon, I hope). When Southshore is good though… weaon of choice.

Hi Josh & CPKToes…

Nice boards. Would you consider providing other dimensions including rocker? Thanks!

Well this is my twin keel fish which i love for my local point break when its uncrowded and smaller. its actually i versatile board too. i’d be comfy travelling the world with it.

and below is perhaps the most magic board of all time. the most versatile board ever and would just shred in anything. it really only liked a 6’ fin though. unfortunatly all the glas is completly comming of like a sheet and there is a lot of chunks of foam missing so a resto is nearly out of the question (and i’ve restalled it 4 times haha.)

love that rising sun on the deck, real nice

Here’s a 6’8" swallowtail that Tom Overlin shaped for me, back in '74.

Sadly, Tom passed away this Winter.

a guy around the corner from my house was cleaning out his garage.

i noticed this leaning up against his porch. i stopped to ask if i could

take a look at it. he asked me if i wanted it. sometimes it pays to be

a rubbernecker…

it’s 6’11" (probably was originally 7’0" but the tips are a little ground down.

20 1/2" wide at it’s widest. the nose is 14" and the tail is 13 1/2".

the fin is 6 3/4" from the tail, 7 3/4" tall, and has a 5 1/4" base.

gotta do some ding repair then i can’t wait to ride it!

This one’s a winner… 10’4" X 22 1/2" X 13 1/4" X 17" X 3 5/8". The label and photos tell what it is.

What’s weird about this one, aside from the step bottom and offset fin, is that so many people have incorrectly tried to correct me when I tell them what it is. “Oh yeah, a WHITE Owl”, “Oh yeah… you mean a step DECK”, “Oh yeah… Andreini makes those”, etc. Like I can’t read and don’t know the deck from the bottom?! LOL

Anyways, it’s a great rider. I can’t really pin down exactly why I like it. I just know that every time I take it out, I get some good rides and come in with a smile. It paddles good and is pretty fast in trim. The last time I took it out it was practically magic. If I were to make a retro longboard, I think I might pattern it closely to this one.

PS - and no, it definitely isn’t one of these.

Hey John,

I delayed answering your request for the full dimensions because I never measured the rocker on that board. I keep rocker measurements of my sorta normal thrusters, but this one was me and the blank, you know, finding that nice line…

Its got a bit of forward foil but the rocker has more curve than the originals of the era.

Anyway, the outline is 7’4", nose 12 1/2", widepoint centre 19", tail 12" thickness 2 3/4"

It responds to trim, like, drives solid in large surf with feet up front, then pivots on a dime in the pocket with feet on the tail end. Seriously, when I ride it I feel like I was born too late…I start surfing from the hips.


Man, yours is a sweet board. Can you tell me if the line at the rails is a pinstripe or wood? If thats a stringer, its an interesting precursor to some recent stuff…


The line along the rail of my Overlin is a red pinline. I don’t know who did pinstriping for T.O., but the guy was good. Damn good. I went through a period where all my boards had a red pinline at the rail lap. (I haven’t bought an ‘off-the-rack’ board since 1972.)

The Overlin had the finest, most accurate work of them all.


Owl Surfboards was owned by Dave Chapman of Summerland, CA. Label was founded in 1962, and didn’t last long. You have a fairly rare board.

Your comments about step-bottom VS deck reminds me of the people who think a nose concave is a “spoon”.