Show your quiver! *Yet another quiver post!

I know these posts come around every once in awhile… was out in the sun cleaning and had my boards on the lawn, figured why not take a few shots while I have them all cleaned up!

Okay, here goes from LEFT to RIGHT

Merrick Fish 6’6" Twin - Absolutely incredible board, long swooping turns and paddles easy

Fish 6’8" Quad - My first board, a custom. Rails are more modern than a retro, havn’t tried it out yet

Ewaliko 7’4" Big Boy Tribute Ben Aipa Stinger - Single fin, this board is SICK!

Dumpster Pig 6’10" - One mans trash is another’s treasure, i guess is the saying. Patched it, wax’ed it, no worries

10’0" Ewaliko 'Olo - The Cadillac of wave riding. Super smoothe fun fun fun. I’m really stoked on Ewaliko’s boards, check him out!

And finally, the must have Churchill Makapus! Best fins ever, dives, bodysurf whatever!

All I gots for sho’ and tell!


nice quiver.

beautiful backyard.

love that corner planter box.

what’s the dims on the orange and blue twin fin? =P

please be sure and let us know how your first goes

when you get the chance to ride it.

Pics of my backyard 5’10"'s in my backyard; These served me well for April 2007. I did pull out my trusty 6’8" one April afternoon for some over DOH @ Haleiwa

Reviving an old thread, but i’ve updated my quiver so here it is.

7’10’’ mini longboard/minimal/funboard/trim machine.

6’2’’ x 16’’ x 22’’ x 16’’ Twin keel ( home made ). My fave by far

6’3’’ x 15’‘n x 20.5’’ x 16’'t twinny ( probox ben aipa ). Havent surfed this yet, just needs a leash plug and its ready, can’t wait!

Anyone else updated lately??.

Why can’t I post pics anymore???

These “show your quiver” threads so often include massive quives of indulgence…

To my eye, I prefer the quality over quantity approach…

My theory is to really get to understand what you have and for me that means fewer, not more boards…

One board in each foot of length…no more…

mmm, not to me

i like changing small thing on boards i like, to understand vee in tail better, or flat, or concave, but i am just starting out.

you are going to have SUCH great waves at Guethary, ever surfed that wave?? f… awesome

pity i cant come by for strong coffee, have to work 5th… in holland


gonna agree to an extent with paul here, the real diverse quiver has board with the same purpose for different size waves, with the exception of a longboard.

while I have about a dozen boards, I only really ride four of them, my 5’4" fish for when it is under waist high and sloppy, my 9’6" Bing Noserider for anytime it is small and lined up or when it is fat on the tide and lined up, my 5’10" chip when the waves are under 2ft OH and rippable, and finally my 6’2" when it gets over 2 ft OH. If I were on the west coast or somewhere where the waves got bigger I would have a 6’8" a 7’2" and I don’t know if I would surf bigger waves than that could handle.

I have over 12 boards some of which many wouldnt consider “quality”…Others are just dream boards.

My collection started off from buying boards at st vincents, porn shops and under friends houses… slowly built into a collection…After a while a started buying new boards…

Heres a few of them…All the ones here are newer to me and what i use for any surf i ride-

The red 5’8 twin keel is great in 1-4 ft waves of almost any nature but not too dredgy.Prefers the most -clean 2-3ft slightly sucky walls of long period swell.Loose and fast. I use this or the mini mal most small days.

The orange 5’10 (orange) MKII jim banks fish is surfable up to around 8 feet in clean walls, around 5 feet in hollow grinding condtions.needs to be 2ft plus…I travelled to indo with this for five months and hardly used any other boards.Very fast in the tube and not too bad dropping from the lip. Carves well and holds in…Not loose like other fish due to the pulled in tail and single concave. This is a good wave fish.

The white mini mal on the rack has been very handy lately as its been really small…I use this when i wouldnt otherwise surf…But also sometimes use it in good waves when i probably should ride another board.

The 6’6 i got as a step up quad…designed to be an easy transfer to a bigger wave board from twin keel fish.

So the nose is around12’ and tail pretty wide yet round tail which i like for turns and tube riding.

Feels like the best board i have for backhand surfing.Im loving this board more and more each time i take it out.

After getting used to that i ordered a stretch f4 5’11. Have not picked it up yet but im hoping this will take over as a board i will like and could ride all the time as my orange twin keel is great but i dont like fish backhand.

I will still use the orange fish on certain wally days on lefts but use the stretch for more vertical/performance surfing and rights aswell.

Heres a memory of a tube last year at g-land on the orange fish

Edit- theres a 6’8 on the rack there aswell but i hardly use it. I might this winter but i like my boards a little wider after iding fish a lot…and thicker too.Its 6’8 by 18" by 2 1/4.

Personally for me i cannot have too many boards.

I choose em depending on the mood im in.

And im a moody bastard!

I like to have a few different ones, but between the keel fish and the 7’10’', im covered from knee to about 1/2 OH if im game. The long one for the small fat weak stuff, and the fish for the good stuff, although it grovels great. Keen to see how the twinny goes.

Hi, always good to see these posts for the variety of boards, so here is my current quiver:

6’2" Simon Anderson , my go to board for most conditions although Im finding it harder to step down to these dimensions as i have been used to riding wider boards now, and not surfing enough!

6’1" Quad, my shape, goes good quite skatey

5’11" Mick Mackie Twin Keel fish, picked this one up for small day fun, lots of foam equals lots of waves, really fun to ride

6’0" my shape and resin tint, based on a MR fish outline with a square tail, Quad and thruster set up, bottom turns around any section, super fast and stable, big carves , really happy with how this one worked out.

6’1" Quad fish, fun little board, a little neglected…

6’2" Hollow construction, Balsa thruster, new and just waiting to take it out soon!

5’10" Fish my favourite baord for anything from 2 to 5 foot, really easy to surf, turn etc…

6’0" Hollow construction based on the fish outline above without the flyers and quad set up, Balsa bottom, Paulownia rails and kokari deck… untested

Thats it, most of these are around a similar length, I am hoping to buy a step up board for the bigger days and am working on a 7’ ‘noserider’ to complete my quiver for small days…

Happy surfing to all!

I may never get a shot of all my currently owned self built boards, but this is as close as I’ve come in a long time.

Sit ssssss
Only a labor of love and money!!!
this was my re start some years ago…
Can"t say I rode um all!

some interesting contours there!

Those are my fins,
Ha! That is what started my madness…

more diversified then my investment portfolio