Side Cut Fish, A little build thread

Side cut Fish
Foam Stain

Well, I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about with the side cut fish. There was a lot of chatter about them and I was anxious to get back to twin fins again, and well, I just thought, heck, I’m on it. No new ground was broken, but there are a couple of interesting things to talk about. And someone had to bump Huck’s board off the social media and it might as well be me. (Sorry, Huck, hope you found that funny, no offense intended)

Here is a pic of the shaped blank. Stringerless. Rail channels. 6-0 by 21.5. Low rocker (I’ll check my notebook later and post rocker and fin setting).

BTW, anyone just starting out, keep a notebook with dimensions and other notes. And keep a separate notebook on glassing. IE, what you did with the glass, how many ounces of epoxy resin you used in each situation and how it turned out. You will be glad you did later when doing similar boards and wonder if you need one or two layers of 4 oz, or how many ounces of resin it took for a double 6 oz 6-0 fish. Etc, Etc, Etc.

I’ll post some more pics and commentary tomorrow.

why stringerless?
board looks great. pretty subtle on the sidecut tho.
no problem on the wisecrack, pearls before swine and all, what could I expect, lol.

Yeah, Huck. A modest side cut. Just to straighten up the rails for what I hope will be a speedier fish. The rail channels were done with 3/4 inch dowel wrapped in 60 grit sandpaper. I scribed a line on the rails using a rail marker, then carefully scored the line with the dowel/sandpaper until I had a groove cut that the dowel would follow. Then started really cutting the groove. It’s about 1/2 deep. Go slow with it so you can follow the groove. Your work will look sloppy if the groove wobbles. The color is acrylic from Michaels. I wiped it on with a sponge. This is EPS with epoxy so color is a challenge. This method, though a little artsy/fartsy works well on EPS and doesn’t interfere with the epoxy bonding.

love it champ!!!