sidebited -- toe and cant?

the tail is 17" with a 14" diamond tail pod on it. v with deep double concaves and hard edges on the rails.

the center fin is 7" and the sidebites in question are 3.75" with a fairl thick single foil on them.

what kind of cant and toe should i use? i dont want to affect the trim speed too much but still want the fins to give some lift and drive off of turns, the biggest thing is id liek them to help keep the board from sliding out on steeper drops.

hi Dave !

I guess once you have ridden it as a single fin with different sized and placed single fins , then you will have an idea if you want sidebites , and hopefully roughly where to place them ?

I’m going through that thought process with MY 5’7 single fin “stubbie” at the moment . With the amount of vee and concave it has , I’m thinking two side bonzer runners , but either plugged or boxed , so I can also have the twinny and thruster and ''2+1" options…It has a 12" finbox.

…we’ll stay in touch , eh ? [It will be interesting to compare notes !]

cheers mate !


If you like the flow and glide of a single fin, you can run bites dead straight, as long as YOU can turn just fine. Dead straight, 90 degrees to it’s surface.

If you can’t turn, don’t know how, turn really badly, aim the bites halfway to stringer.

I ride some twin fins with 6x6 fins dead straight, as is my tri fin with 5" fins. Works fine, I turn when I want to, not when the board feels like it.