sigle fin yellow, retro board

Does anyone know anything about the board that beau young rides in the movie, singlefin:yellow. I would someday in the future like to create that short retro board that he rides. any info would be great

Sorry, but seems to me you have been led astray!

Rather than duplicate someone else’s board, you should be considering dimensions for a single fin board that works for YOU in the size and kind of waves you want to ride it in.

Are you heavier or lighter? Do you surf exactly the same? Geez, can you paddle as well?

Consider somedin like a CI single, or SpaceCake, or any single fin of the dimensions that can work well for YOU!

Thanks for the info. I understand your concerns, but what I was actually going for is some history of that type of board. In the movie Beau talks about the board as if it might have some historical significance. I was looking for just design details, e.g. a wider tail and more disk shape then most single fins? I dont know I was just wondering if anyone knew because I thought it looked kind of unique. If you do know some of the design features, what is their signicance and how can they be manipulated as LeeDD suggests? thanks for any info