Signle fin for minimal

I got 7’2" minimal with tri fins (FCS). Fin depth is about 4.5 inches and a base is little less. I would like to make a bigger fin and try how the board goes as a single fin. What size would you recommend? Board+fin combination should work in small weak surf.

If the center box is FCS, biggest you can go safely is 5". So you’d need the side fins anyways.

If not, depending on tail width and your size, prolly about 8" minimum.

You’re gonna MAKE this fin?

Unfortunately the center box is also FCS. And yes, I was also worried if FCS is strong enough for a single fin.

You can get 2 or 3 more FCS plugs and put them infront of the centre so instead of 2 plugs you have 4 or 5 then you can just make a normal single fin and make tabs for the fcs plugs…

I think chipfish has done some of these?..?


Check in wih Halcyon. He just made a set of fins for my wifes FCS plugged board to make it more center fin dominant. He’ll be able o steer you in the right direction.