Simmons Table......I would still like to ride it.

There is a “table” on the patio of a house near me that is what I think is a nice balsa Simmons type board.

Scooped nose, thin, nice rails, etc. I know it’s a table but I’d still like to ride the thing some time. I imagine the owner would take a dim view of the idea.

I have attached some photos. Have a look. I thinks it’s a sea worthy craft. One of the pics has a mark, perhaps the shapers mark.


Modern reproduction.         A fairly good one though.

Intriguing…Is that a fitting for an umbrella on top? It would interesting to find out how it came about! 


reproduction or not its still a sin to have it as a table.

Or it was made to be a table.

I once sold a fish at a yardsale - the woman who bought it told me after she bought that she was gonna make a table out of it. Broke my heart. 

But lately I’ve been hitting the yardsales and buying up old beaters too thrashed for surfing, I’m gonna make something decorative out of them one of these days.