since fish'ees are todays subject...

i got rocker, fins (pretty much), mid point, dimensions, and everything else (i think) what about rails??? 50/50? 60/40? hard edge in back??? any input would be nice. herb, maybe you could enlighten me

I have a modern fish, 6’4"x20 1/2"x2 1/2". Its a pretty basic board, three fins (smaller trailer fin), moderate rocker, slight vee the last third of the bottom. The rails are standard shortboard rails, low and soft the first 3/4 of the rail and hard the last fourth. It goes great.

Hey Foamdust! How wide did you make the tail tip to tip? Straight back or curved back swallow??? Working on a fish planshape myself. Thanks MLC

A downed tapered rail with a boxed edge. 70/30 or 80/20.The boxed edge should be on the thick side from nose to tail.Herb

check out this website:

Couls someone explain what a boxed edge means?

…more squared ,rather than rounded or knivey.Herb

Krokus, I have the board posted in the resources, #199. The swallow is 8 in from tip to tip. The swallow it curved.