Single Fin Fish

Hello everyone

Fist off, Im new here. Obviously. Im a 17 year old in South Carolina which sucks. Ive never shaped a board before, but I have done lots of ding repair work at my local surf shop. I recently started riding my 5’6 fish on my knees, and I love it more than I loved stand up surfing. I got abobut 7 cleanly made in and out barrels yesterday, impressing everyone paddling out. Oh and it was only waist high.

What I want to know is, what would a board be like if it was a 5’4 fish used for kneeboarding, what would happen if a single, long (8+"s), flexible fin was used, instead of the traditional twin keel setup?


Build one. Ride it at let us know how it works. Mike

hey ummagumma i was gonna ma ke a 5 4 fish for kneeboard/surfing but i accidentally cut 4 inches of the tail but go to for more kneeboarding info they were really helpful last year for me.

o sorry for ignoring the single fin part. maybe i roda piapo/ kneeboard iwt a super wide tail that was a bit too small3 foot something and it was ok but it had a wide base likea real oldschool longboard

Consider that I solved my dilemma in '00 by having (most) of my custom boards built in 2+1 configuration. I’ve tried 'em in all 5 of the fin combinations this set-up allows…some real grins here. For me, empty boxes have no perceptible effect on anything.

Hey ummagumma

There is another thread that talks about this topic

and search Single Fin Fish and you should be able to find some info

Hey ummaguma (ummaguma?)

where are you in south carolina? I’m up in Pawleys Island and have been shaping twin and quad fin fish for a shop up this way. your idea sounds interesting; drop me a note at if you want to talk.