single fin hollow template: feedback request

First post although I’ve reading here for years. Getting ready to try my hand at a Paul Jensen method hollow single. I am leaning towards a simple singlefin short board for my first build. I have never built my own board and design is new to me, although I know what sort of boards work for my style. I used one of AKU’s sample templates to start and ended up with this:

6’8" x15x 21x 13.75 (approximately).

Width is 2.5"

Tail rocker 2.75"

Nose rocker 5"

The original had what appears to be a slight single concave ending somewhere between the fins. It’s hard to tell from the PDF if its got Vee coming out the tail.

I weigh 175 lbs. and surf with a 5mm suit and 7mm boots much of the year. My two main boards have similar dimensions to this so I figure that float factor should be right. I live in Nova Scotia. We get decent surf in the fall and winter but often it’s short period wind swell and bellow head high. I mostly surf point breaks with a couple of reefs once in a while. Nothing is super hollow around here and on the really good days I’d ride my 6’6" 5 fin bonzer. This board would be intended for average waist to head high days.

My questions is this, does the shape seem like it would work well as a single fin? I intend to use a Grenough flex fin, around 8"? Should it be more of a double ender. Any feedback would be taken with due respect.

I need to read to figure out hot to attach the brd. file.