single fin i just finished

with all its little quirks, at last its water tight and i just want to try it out.

learning alot as i go, both through trial and error and coming here to find little gems hidden in both old and newer conversations.

this one is from a solid piece of eps, dont know to much about the detail on the foam, just found a huge block for sale onlie, its hard to come by here.

so through the winter ive been chipping away, with rocker templates and a hotwire cutter i made. template was “borrowed” from a shaper i admire and respect and also own a custom board from. the board he made me is so versatile and lively, i thought his rocker would be a good start.

always liked singlefins. they taught me alot of basics. and i still think they are kinda magical.

anyways, this one has got real bladey rails, hull entry, to flat, to tiny bit of vee in the tail. glass on fin around 7" its 5´6 and i forgot the rest.

thanks for looking




Tell us more one the fabric???

and pin lines!

My bet,

you gotta nuther one on your mind

or in your hands!

the fabric is some cheap cotton i found at a indian textile shop here in oslo.

they have alot of cool different patterned cloth there.

it went ok, only dumb mistake i made was, i should have cut the cloth so it didnt hang over the rail. cutting that thin of a cloth cleanly was hard.

other than that it was pretty easy to work with. the pinlines are all done with acrylic pens, freehand. they suck (haha)

yes youre right matt, i have one more almost done. doing fins sometime soon.

and saving up to order RR from france, which is kinda pricey to ship.




Cool looking board. bro.

Nice job.