single fin short-midlength board

My brother and I have been wanting to shape a single fin retro type board for him. This would be his second board after riding a 9’6" single for the last 2 years. I have no idea where to start in terms of dimmensions. Here’s a little info on him and the waves.

He’s not an agressive surfer so thats why I think the single fin would work. He wants to be able to surf beach breaks, slowish points, and fast hollow points (kind of specific… theres a spot near our city similar to sandspit in santa barbara). So an all around type of board. He would prefer to be able to at least duckdive a little (maybe enough to get under breaking faces). He’s 5’9" and 175lbs.

I’m thinking a board in the 6’6"- just over 7’, 21"-22" would work unless you guys think thats completely wrong. I have no idea what to do for the rest of dimmensions and rocker. Are there any templates I could follow? Should I do a 2+1?

Also, he will probably only surf a bit over head (1-3ft) at most breaks and up to 1.5-double overhead at the mentioned point break.

I’ve kept 1-2 midlengths in my quiver for the last 15 years.   And although I like singlefins with a flat rocker, I never surf them in fast conditions.  

In my opinion if he’s already dialed into the 9-6 and wants to a more versatile and less specialized shape for beachbreaks and faster conditions then a 2+1 egg or “hybrid” shape will work better for that.  I assume he’ll keep the 9-6 and continue to use it for slow/small conditions and will only use the smaller board for the more agressive conditions.  

You don’t want his board to be the primary limitation when he faces the faster conditions.   

Unclegrumppy’s board looks to be the ticket.  For my personal preferences I’d like to see a bit more width in the hips and tail.  Looks great though.  What are the dimensions?  

7’6" x 18.25 x 22.5 x 15 x 3

for the board pictured


check  check the various plan shapes. should find something you will like-perhaps the “id” model or mp3…

2 boards I made and ride that are 7’ x 21" and single fins. I have a lot of boards that have the same round pin shape from 6’ 4" up to 8’ 6". A few years ago I made a couple with the rounded square tail. I like to have the wide point forward of center. I’ve also changed up  quite a few of my shorter singles to add side fins and they get more drive when turning. I can ride those as singles, 2 + 1 or thruster.