six fin double wing swallow

for my 22nd board i thought id do something different


it still needs some finishing touches but i got excited and snapped some pics so here she is


had to keep the tail kinda thick for the back trailer fin boxes, we’ll see what happens



6’8  21  2 3/4


Hey, what’s this new foam brand in the back?





your shape looks very similar to my 5 finner ( top pic ), also the 6 fins is super critical when it comes to placement and size...what do you plan there ??? good to see some different shapes....




those are all pretty sweet, that 5 fin is nuts!


i was gonna do quad fins for the front off the wings and 2 trailers off the back about 3 inches up

If I was doin another, I would use the McKee set-up plus 2 small fins a few inches up and uas fins all quite a bit smaller than standard sized for the board....seemed to work best ( the smaller fins that is ) definitely have the smallest fins in front, then the biggest, and another slightly smaller set in the tail...just my thoughts after shaping and riding a few of these...keep me posted if you can...good work...