Skil 100/190 brush caps

I need 1 brush cap for a recent 190 that I picked up. This 50 yr old planer is smooth a silk. Any idea where I can obtain. I found some caps that fit Skil worm saws, but not sure if they will fit. I found some old Swaylock posts (2002-4) about replacement parts. Not sure if still valid. I will probably list my 100 on ebay soon (need cash). Thanks for the help.


I think a number of Skil products share parts. Check on the Skil circular saw parts list. Or take it to a Skil repair center, to find an interchangable part. Also Doug Felts, here on Sway’s, has access to a lot of parts.

If they are the same as the 100 caps (there are 3 different ones for that model), I may have them. Please PM me with a photo of the cap (if you have one) or the brush holder on the motor housing. Skil didn’t make the caps or holders, they’re standard items like brushes.