Skil 100 Armature Bearing

Hey all,

Just removed the armature and stator from a new (to me) Skill 100 Type 4 and the far bearing didn’t come out with it. Any idea on how to remove this? The back end is sealed so there won’t be any removing it from the outside. Thanks in advance!

Try the archives.  This has been discussed before, but don’t remember the outcome.  Somebody who knows or remembers will chime in.

Thanks McDing, I finally found an answer on page 20something of my search that wasn’t “send it to petec.” Super thankful for all of his words of wisdom (and everyone, really) on this website. Here’s the solution, with some work left up to the imagination. Drilling holes it is!


Is that bearing bad?  If not you might want to just clean it up and move on.

I agree with Mako.if it spins and doesn’t make noise, I’d leave it.

My advise is to go ahead and replace since you are 95% there and the bearings over 30+ years do lose their grease and will fail. I spoke to PeteC about this earlier this year and it was a simple couple of holes to knock them out. I then filled them with a little swipe of epoxy to seal the exposed hole on the outside.


Sounds good to me.

Mako and McDing,

Unfortunately the bearings were all pretty shot. The one that got stuck back there only rotates with definitely more force than should be required. I ran the motor with and without the belt and it sounded pretty bad both ways. Thus, I decided to replace both the cutter head side and motor side bearings. Good thing this stuff is fun!


Relative to the bearing, where did you try to drill the holes? Did you aim for the inner track, outer track, or in the middle in the races? I was planning on drilling two 1/8" holes (one on either side of the axle in the directions of the brush housings) and using a blunt tipped punch. 

Yeah drill the holes and punch it out.  Fill with Bondo or Epoxy.  No telling how long that bearing has been in there.  Probably original.

Two holes from the rear, make sure they’re on the edge of the bearing and on the cast tabs of the bearing enclosure.  Use a flat punch to remove.  If you haven’t removed the field coils, you’ll have to blow it out so there’s no chips inside or it’ll short.

I copied and pasted this from an email from Petec 


Perfect. Thanks agan Diamond!


I had a bearing come apart when I took out my cutter head. The outer race stayed in the tool itself. I got a Tungsten Carbide Carving Bit for a dremmel and used it to cut two sides of the race and i got it to come out. I didn’t want to drill holes in my planer. I got lucky, but it worked. Years later I go to put it back together and the plastic bag with the parts had a hole in it. i Lost the woodruff key. I need to find a source for that. Good luck.

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