Skil 100 Belts

I know someone here on Maui who has a box of belts for a Skil 100, At least fifty belts still in their plastic bags, brand new. She would prefer to off the whole box to one buyer. PM me or otherwise. McDing

Most shapers keep a couple of spare belts at most and it has been quite awhile since I have bought any. I think I still have one spare after popping one a couple of years ago; So My question is what does an individual belt cost? I’ll give a few people a call tomorrow and see what I can figure out. Of couurse there would be a discount for the box.

 Howzit McDing, Check with Fiberglass Hi for cost,They sell them. I ordered one for Mark Angell a while back.Aloha,Kokua

Let me know the cost of the box of belts. Have not blown belts yet…but good to have extras.

Yes,buy them… Blown belts WILL come. Just a matter of time!

Manoa----- I left you a PM with pertinent info.

I am currently selling belts for $40.00 here. These are no longer being made by Bosch (Skil), and I had purchased most of the stock left (less than 100) in their US warehouses. The inventory was scattered around the country at about 5-10 pieces per location. Some tool repair shops may have limited stock on belts, but once these are gone that’s it. Most modern belt-driven tools use grooved belts, and nobody (including Gates) makes the toothed belt stock with the right size and pitch for a Skil. When the market is there, I plan to make new sprocket sets that will use a standard grooved belt which will keep the drive ratio the same on a Skil.

Anyhow, a fair price for a box of 50 would be at least $1250. Even though the belts are bagged, you need to check them for cracks. I’ve done a lot of repairs where I was given an old belt still in the bag that had cracks (it will stretch out immediately). If they are from Bosch, the inventory label will have a date on it. If it’s more than a few years, check all of them.