Skil 100 Blade Jig

Here’s a drawing for a blade alignment jig for the Skil 100.  There’s been a couple of posts about these, so here’s how to make one.

PeteC, do you know what the jig/plate in photo below is for? It is stamped: ‘Grind blades to equal height to avoid cutter head vibration?’. The 2nd photo is an original jig as per pete’s drawing.



If the blades are equal weight, they'll vibrate as they rotate.  Just like unbalanced tires on a car.  Severe imbalance could conceivably result in throwing off one blade...

Hi Charlie, just want to know how to use the long plate! Presumably its used in blade grinding, but how??!

This was included with very early models so that you didn’t get your fingers too close to the grinder, and so that you could put the plate on the grinder’s tool rest (set at 45 degrees). The blades are screwed to the plate, the bumps keep the blades straight.  I don’t recommend grinding blades since it’s very difficult to do it straight. I use what’s called a rouge wheel with the blades in a fixture, which grinds and sharpens at the same time.  Send them out for grinding if nicked or chipped.  Also see this post:

Thanks Pete, makes sense.

I get my blades done at a local furniture factory who have a machine for the job and get them sharper and straighter than I ever have!