Skil 100 blades

Ebay ones are a bit pricey.  Before buying anything I wanted to check here and find out which ones are best and where to get them.  I need a second set for swapping when it’s time to sharpen.

Not sure of prices but any larger millwork company will grind you any type of knives/cutters you want. That’s if you can’t locate what you want.

Try a PM to PeteC.  He may have a set.  He usually installs carbide on the Skils that he works on.  Do you have regular steel or Carbide in your Skil now and what do you want?  I am running steel;  which means they sharpen more often and require extra sets to cover me when the blade sets are at the sharpener.  I bought a nice set of Skil manufactured blades recently on Ebay for $60.  You just have to keep your eyes open.  There is a tool outlet in San Diego county that sells Skil parts.  Can't think of the name though.

here is an email I got from Skil customer service about 2 years ago.......

Thank you for writing. Attached you will find the manual for the model 100 planer. The model 190 is the same as the 100 but the 190 was sold only at certain dealers. It was last manufactured in March 1955.

The only parts available through us any longer are drive belts. The part number is 2610010625 and can be ordered direct from our Factory Service Center by calling 1-800-346-4103 and select option 1 when you connect or you may order from us online at:Blades can be ordered from the company: American National Knife 1-800-533-7117

If there is anything further that I can assist you with please write back.

Skil Customer Service
For additional information, please visit our web site at

Thanks guys, I’ll try giving American National Knife a call.