Skil 100 H Question?

Here’s a question for any of You Skil 100 experts out there. Is the planer in this picture what I should be looking for? To me the base and most other details of this machine look like the that I’ve seen people use for shaping. Only the handle looks slightly different to me. What do You think? Should I get it? Do You guys think one of all those grit drums would fit this model? The seller says it’s a Skil 100H model. By the way any ideas on which grit drum to get?

Which grit drums are recommended and not? I saw a spiral one as well on foam-ez website but I think they were sold out.

Your Skil is one that has a converted Euro motor on it. I had one  and I got it from a ships carpenter who came from Holland. As I recall the belt and sprocket were different so I am not sure if you can use this drum.  DO you have the planer???

I also have one. Not the real thing (plastic handle and belt cover… Besides, the handle is thicker than the original which is a bit bothering when you are used to the thinner one.) Don’t know if the drum would fit, I left this one with the original blades. Do you want me to try and tell you?


Thanks for the info guys. I’ll probably get it since I can get it for about 40 euro. Owner says it’s running well and it doesnt look too abused in the photo. Hey Balsa how many Skil planers do You have? Do You have another version of the 100 (US version?) running with a grit drum. I could possibly try and get hold of those grit blades in case a drum doesn’t fit. The planer is in Sweden by the way and so am I so It is probably some european version. 

Balsa if You have a grit drum in one of Your planers which one is it ? I would like to plane with carbide grit since I use EPS and XPS for my boards.

Thanks for all answers, I’ll try and get planer asap. feel pretty stoked about finding such a rarity here in Sweden hehe.

Erik, the grit drum is on my US Skil 100 (it’s the “Shapers Australia” grit drum model). I know that a lot of people say it’s no good for the motor (the drum is a bit heavier than the original barrel with blades) but, as of today, I have noticed no heating or “fatigue”. Now, I am not doing production work, far from it…

Thanks Balsa! I’ve been looking around for a new planer for a while. Didn’t know there was a european version of the Skil 100. I’ll most likely get this one since it’s so cheap and looks like in very good condition. I might get back to You with some more questions when I actually have the planer! I would most likely be doing 3-4 boards per year but having a nice planer would be a real stoker. Merci Beaucoup!