Skil 100 parts or leads

Hello, was curious if anyone has extra Skil 100 parts they are willing to part with. I am in need of the detent and lever.

10560 - Index plate
10606 - Lever
10607 - Lever stud

Thanks for any leads or help!

Not so long ago an eBay seller had pretty much all the parts (sold a skil 100 separately), but the price was quite heavy im afraid… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yea im bummed because someone was just selling all of these parts on ebay about a week ago for a reasonable price but I just missed out. Maybe I could make a lever?

Here’s a crazy thought - I was DM’ing Randy Rarick (N.Shore Oahu) about one of his old used Skil 100s and he mentions he knows a guy who does regular repair/refurbishment of old Skil 100s. He (Randy) might know where to go or he might send you on to talk to his contact who does the repairs? Just a thought. Good luck!

That just might work! Do you have an email contact for him? Or do you just message him on the forum?

Just through Instagram?

Sounds good, thank you! Ill give it a shot