skil 100 planer

I’m looking for a front shoe for my planer. Anyone with parts please e-mail or respond. Thank you

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David, Check with Cleanlines on this forum, Roger get him a front shoe! Call me, Jim Phillips

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If you can’t find one, I can have a replacement machined. Sorry, but this isn’t a simple part and is expensive. I will have a few extras made if anyone else wants one. Do you also need the lever?

Pete: How about one of the drive belt pulley gears (part no.s 27 and 28) Any idea of cost for either one? Tom S.

Tom: The Skil uses a 1/4" pitch on the pulleys and belt with trapezoidal teeth, which are no longer used today. Present toothed drive belts and pulley stock are standarized in metric incremental pitches and have curved teeth. I can have copies machined for you, but they will be expensive due to the CNC setup and programming. I’m estimating about $60+ for each one. If you can wait a few months, I will be manufacturing a planer like the Skil. See the Dec '03 archives under “updated skil” for details. - Pete

Any one know of a source in California for SKIL 100 blades? Also trying to find an orig. guide plate for blade installation and depth.

Hi Pete, I am very interested in the planer you will be making like the Skil 100 could you let me know what the cost will be and when they will be ready for purchase?

The cost will be around $1500 and we’re trying to have them ready by May/June.