skil 100 rotating carbide head

Does anyone know where I can get a rotating carbide head for a skil 100. Actually I want 2 of them. They are to replace the head that takes the blades and makes the planer sand the material rather than cut it. Any help would be appreciated. John Turbeville.

I’ve heard of a “shapers barrel”. Is this what you need?

there’s some info on it in the archives.


There are two different places that I’ve bought them from, Fiberglass Hawaii carries them for the Skil. Then there is a company in Coff’s Harbour, Australia that has a barrel that they will ship too you. It can be ordered over the internet from their website at:

I like the one from Shapers better than the FH one as it has channel in it where there is no carbide which seems to help with clearing the foam out. The one from FH does not have this, although the last time I was in there I think they might also be doing this now.