Skil 100 technition needed!

Anyone who can install new bearings, blades, and who can get my planer up and running safe near Monterey bay area? I need new blades installed, maybe brushes and bearings? I got brushes if needed. I can get blades custom ordered. But if you have new sets available, and price is reasonable cool. Upfront, I am thinking about sending it off to - PeteC, but shipping my planer is crazy high. I’m hopeful maybe someone local could do the work for a cnote, and I’ll pay for parts! Let me know asap so I can get my grubbies on it and get to shaping!

15.00 is crazy high to ship it to arguably the best person to do the job?

No usps mail charges me $27.00 each way! Which = $54.00, and I won’t put what my estimate is, but it’s A bit more than I can swing this mos. Where did you get quote of $15.00 for shipping? And I take it that’s one way. I’m not trying to pinch pennies, but work slowed down and I’m trying to find a guy local to get my rig in shape. Upfront, all I’ll have is,a cnote after my parts come in…I’m thinking there’s gotta be someone local who can help me out and make a hund I can pay cash.anyone near Monterey bay area around who can do it? Bearings, blade install ,new brushes, and safety chec, plus install new blades . I’m thinking it might not need brushes or bearings as it is almost new!

Also, if my brushes and bearings are ok, all I’m thinking It could use is blades and safety check. That’s all. I just want it safe and working well.