Skil 100?

I just tore down one of my skils for rebuild bearings blades brushes motor test cleaning and paint. And i noticed that the load spring on drum was not there. Did all types have this load sring? do i need it? this one is a type3 5.5. first time ive had this one apart.

   Howzit nat, does it have theplaces to hook the spring up to and when you say first timedo you mean that type of skill or just that one in particular. If you have taken other ones aprt and they all had the spring then it seems like that one should also have a spring. PM Pete C since he is the Skill man here on Sways. Aloha,Kokua

First time on this particular skil ! i have rebuilt  one of my other 2 and another one that ive sold since they both had load springs which i never removed, it wasnt nesesary to replace bearings. the one i am rebuilding now dosnt have hooks for a spring. mostlikely the previous owner(s) had it apart because there are 2 different brands of bearings in it so they may have lost  the spring. i guess itl be fine ive shaped 25 or so boars with it.

Yes, the spring washer is necessary to keep the cutter drum from moving towards the side opposite the coverplate.  If it does, the blades will rip up the housing or the drum itself will hit.  Some models even had one of these springs to preload the armature (at the brush end).  The reason for using these is that the rear-most bearings on both the cutter and armature are pressed on the shafts.  The outer ones are pressed into coverplates.  As the coverplates are installed,  the springs keep the cutter and armature bearings from going in too far.  If they do go in too far, slightly pry the cutter head away from the housing and the spring will keep it from moving back.   These are special spring washers intended for bearings, get them here: .  The fingers go against the bearing, don’t get them reversed.

Thank you very much!

Sorry the link wasn’t the correct detail;  the specific spring washer to use is part number 9717K57 from McMaster-Carr.  

thanks pete i trackt a couple down.