Skil planers - which one should I keep

I need some fast cash, so I thought I would sell a couple of my Skils on ebay.  Currently, I have a model 100 type 4 (5.5 amp), type 2 and a model 190.  All are in good shape with long cords, good knives, uncut, cases, some accessories, etc.  Which one should I keep?  I'm just a bakyard hacker and don't need 3 planers.  I got the 190 and type 2 cheap.  Could not pass them up.  I would like to get at least $500 each.  Thanks in advance.  Tim

I would guess you’ll probably get the most money by selling the two Skil 100s and keeping the 190, which is less well known. 

But Ebay is weird and you never know.

You could also post an ad up here, it’s certainly the right audience.


You could also post an ad up here, it's certainly the right audience.


B I N G O ! ! !

i got one in the swaybay ads not even a fart of interest here.

I’ll give you 300 today for a skill 100. I’ve only been trying for like 5 years lol.

"not even a fart of intrest here."    I'll tell you why;                            People in general here on Sways and Ebay are asking in the neighborhood of   $300------------$500  more than they are worth.  Over-inflated and greedy.   Anything over $400 for a  5.5 with a dust chute and a depth gauge is too much money.  Having said that;  a dummie  on Ebay  recently paid almost $400 for a 5.5 without a knob, dust chute or belt.  So there are dummies who pay too much and would bid a Skil up way over what it's worth just to have one.  The people who pay too much for a Skil are primarily 'wannabes" who somehow think that if they get there hands on one they are now a real shaper.  Guys who are actually in the biz can find one by word of mouth.  So Scott ;  be realistic.  If you want interest get real about how you price it.  A 7.5 is generally rarer, but shouldn't sell for more than $500-----$800 max.

the reality is if you want one bad enough you will pay for it.    


That's about what I thought your reply would be.  Thanks I've alredy got one and a couple of Hitachis for back up for the time being.  I am looking for a second Skil, but not stupid enough to pay your kind of money for something I'll have to have gone thru as soon as I get it.


i sold 2  x 5.5 planer to perfect condition, powder coated and perfect.

fetch over 900$ on each.

they worth money because they are good.

if yours is good do not sell it for 300 to 400 but more like 500 to 600$

if its new or better condition with papers and case, 900 to 1100

5.5 or 7.5 worth almost the same but if you are not against a 7.5 you should be good.

good tool are expensive. skil were good.




I could give it away the bro deal , but you know were the bro deal gets you in the surf industry?  bankrupt!  been there done that.  but hell if its your tool of choice in this industry and you can’t find one then 500 aint so bad for a daily workhorse that was made in the usa.


Run the eBay listing for 10 days and try to end it at a time when the most people will be home to put in last minute bids... generally between 6-8PM.

A nice Skil 100 with case and 3 sets of blades recently sold for $500.

I paid 600 dollars for mine 17 years ago.  Worked it off at five bucks an hour in the shop. Owner would shape while I watched the store.  The hitachi's were burning up easily back then... we referred to them as electric shurforms.  Still have that skil and use on a regular basis.  Funny thing was that the shaper did'nt want to sell it but I kept bugging him until he said " okay- 600 bucks". He did'nt think I would go for it.  The best purchase of my life besides my wife's ring!

Great planer.

I just won’t pay a stupid amount of money for a skill when you could just get a accurate planer that’s new and will kill an old beat skill. I have two Clark foam hitatchi that have about a hundred boards on em. I would like to get a AP but won’t pay half it’s price for a used tool that I don’t know how it’s been taken care of. It’s always guys who barely shape that find them at garage sales and shit. They don’t deserve that good of a tool especially since they just wann make a buck. They used to be sacred now they are whores!

"Deserve that good of a tool".  Unbelievable.  I will not apologize for being a backyard shaper with good tools. 



Well… I have a nice Skil 676 that I bought off Craigslist for 300 bucks, as well as extra blades (German) that I paid 50 bucks for.  Sure, mine is not as shiny as the $900 version that somebody puts on Ebay, and it didn’t come with the original box…  But I don’t need it to be shiny (and I didn’t even have to pay shipping either). (Heck if you’re spending THAT much, save a couple hundred more and buy a new Accurate!)

I also have a 10 amp, spiral cutter Porter Cable 653 that cost me under $300, and a couple Clark Hitachis (newer & older versions).  Just shop around for deals, or if you want to, pay top dollar.  Whatever floats your boat.

Trades are also fun.  I know a guy who just told me he’s probably going to get rid of all his shaping tools, maybe barter them for other stuff.



 Worth every penny

So, what is a fair asking price for a good skil 100 (I am no Pete C, but they seem to run strong)?  

whatever a willing buyer and a willing seller can agree upon is a fair price. 

A LOT depends on condition, maintenance, extras, which version it is, etc etc etc.  Most guys would pay a good bit more for a 7.5 amp well maintained with sharp blades and a good cord, than for an old beater with crappy blades, electrical tape on the sliced up cord, etc. 

Also depends how badly the buyer wants one and how hungry the seller is!! 

In today’s economy it’s hard to fairly price anything without seeing it… not even a slice of pizza, much less a vintage power tool.  (However, as with home sales, you can look at comparables and you’ll be in the ballpark.)



Girvin-----My sentiments as well.  I keep my eyes open for a reasonably priced Skil and would prefer a 7.5, but;  I really don't care to pay the big money for something that's going to need bearings, blades and a belt the day I get it.  Half the ones I've seen on Ebay lately don't even have a dust chute.  I don't mind paying decent money for something that's ready to go, but just because the seller pulls the trigger and it whirls doesn't mean anything. Most guys selling them on Ebay don't know the sound of bad bearings, nor have they examined the belt.  I thought when Accurate first came out that I would never pay that kind of money, but I agree, better to pay more for something exceptional that is warranteed. 

No need ton apologize for being a backyard shaper with good tools it’s the d age who all try and make money off them. They should go to another craftsman not some rich kid whos gonna shape one board like alot of them do. It’s turned into a image thing.'I have 35 blanks I am about to mow into while I work 60 hours a week at my other job. I was hoping to buy my accurate planer this week but had to put new tranny in the truck and since I drive to Washington for blanks it comes first.

And to the guy who said it’s easy to get a bro deal one if your in the business. I know prob over 30 shapers between California and Hawaii and most dont ever wNt to sell there tools bc they actually use them. Even to a friend…