Skil type planer revisited.

I havent been around for a few months, Right before I took off for a while there was a group building a skil style planer a few people had already gotten one and the reviews were just starting to roll in.

I couldnt find the original thread so if anyone has feedback on that planer and contact info

that would be great

90 views? No feedback?

Try a personal message to pierpontscott…

I think I found the thread you’re looking for but it seems like I can’t copy the URL. Search for “new planer”, you’ll find it at the bottom of first page, post by “DecolGD”.

I spoke with Lorin almost a year ago, and he had sold out the last of his planers and was closing his tool repair business (no more spare parts either). The planer he had was a model that never was marketed, and he bought all the pre-production units. It was made in the US by a big brand (whose name I can’t recall) that just dumped the product. Anyhow, it wasn’t a situation of someone making a new version of the Skil 100.

sorry EC I sold my last one to austin and they are very nice. I ahd bought 6 or so of these beauties and wish I had more . everyone who bought said they work very well. and Yes lorin closed decos his tool shop sorry to say, he is a great guy. You can try searching for a ryobi they made a model with the exact same body as power kraft. but Lorin installed the shoe adjustment.

Thanks guys,

I have been looking for something with more power for a while but dont want to drop alot on a skil 100 for a funny reason. My chicks grandfather has a full on woodshop, that there is a really nice skil 100 sitting on the shelf, however he is like 90 and can barely lift his water let alone anything in his shop. You know how old people are thats his past and his treasures if you will and he will be damned if anyone touches anything in that room before his last day. Its holding on to the memories I guess. Its totally acceptable and i completely understand. I noticed the planer 2 years ago and ive been pining ever since. He has a bunch of really cool old planes and stuff as well. Its like my Holy Grail in there.


Just buy a skil 100 to use now. When the other one comes to you, sell the first one, or keep it as backup. If you sell it, I doubt you will lose ANY money. I still have my first one, purchased new in 1964 for $150.00. It still runs great. The point is that it’s a quality tool, and will continue to be in high demand.

EC, Bill’s right, they are a good investment. Just don’t get one that been dropped a million times and has welded repairs, especially around the bore for the cutter head. I recently overhauled one for Terry Martin, who bought it used from Phil Edwards back in the early 60’s; still runs good on the original motor. I’ve also seen several lately that were still in the original boxes and had only been used a few hours, but that’s pretty rare. You’re better off looking for them outside of the surfboard biz, but it can be a real hunt. Make sure you can examine it first, don’t buy one based on a photo.