Skill 100 supercharger

Does anyone have experience with the Skil 100 supercharger attachment? It uses the fan exhaust to help blow out dust and reduce clogging. Can I accomplish the same by removing the stock dust deflector and adding a larger homemade deflector? Thanks Tim

…Contact Steve B. at Infinity.You can get one thru his website.And yes they work great.Herb

I didn’t like mine. Blew foam all over the room and I got a lot more dust in my eyes. Its also rather big and gets in the way from time to time. It did keep the shoot clear though.

Greg, Are you using a stock dust deflector? Tim

Herb, Does the supercharger allow you to speed up your cuts? Even with sharp knives, I find I have to go very slow to prevent tear outs. Tim

…No Tim not really,Greg I found the same problems with it as you did.I only use my skills once and a blue moon so it’s more of a collectors item(s) for me.However I do like the Boehine chute,and run a fan when I cut with it this prevents the fly-up.I have a good industry back fan to provide a strong air current.Herb